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Tearfund's Policies

Tearfund has extensive policies and procedures that help us operate in a safe and transparent way so that our staff, partners, supporters, volunteers and the people we serve are protected and supported.


Tearfund believes that all children should be equally empowered and protected regardless of their gender, nationality, religious or political beliefs, age, sexual orientation, family and social background and culture, economic status, physical or mental health, and criminal background.

Report a concern

You can report a concern regarding Child Safety or Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment in any of four ways:

  1. Website: Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Form (this is directed to the Safeguarding Officer and CEO).
  2. Email: [email protected] (this is directed to the Safeguarding Officer and Chief Executive Officer).
  3. Phone: Call (+61 3) 9264 7000 or free call 1800244986 and ask for the Safeguarding Officer.
  4. Post: Address mail to the Safeguarding Officer at PO Box 110, Forest Hill VIC 3131 and mark “Strictly Confidential”.

Anonymous reporting is possible and is better than not raising the concern. However, Tearfund is in a better position to act on the report if it is not anonymous as further information can be gathered in a more targeted manner.

Our Code of Conduct

We are committed to protecting every person who engages in our programs and with Tearfund People. All Tearfund people are committed to abiding by our Code of Conduct in keeping with Tearfund’s mission and values.

Our commitment to participation and inclusion

Tearfund believes every child has the right to live in a safe, peaceful, and enabling environment where they can fully exercise their rights. Tearfund facilitates participation and inclusion of people from all cultural backgrounds. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young adults and their families will be supported to participate, to express their culture and in the enjoyment of cultural rights.

Our Safeguarding Policies and Guidelines

Through its Safeguarding Children Policy and Safeguarding Children Guidelines, Tearfund demonstrates its commitment to the safety and protection of children from all forms of harm and abuse (in both physical and online environments). Tearfund is committed to a culture of zero tolerance towards all forms of harm and abuse, and to work in ways that ensure that Tearfund people “do no harm” while working with Tearfund.

Our Safeguarding Children Policy outlines our approach to safeguarding children in all of Tearfund's activities, whilst our Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) Policy relates to adults.

Our PSEAH Guidelines outline Tearfund's approach to prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, the processes around responding to allegations and reports, and the responsibilities of different roles and groups within the organisation.

    Volunteers and working at Tearfund

    Tearfund acknowledges the importance of voluntary work and desires to appreciate and affirm volunteers through meaningful roles and relationships. The following policies help ensure that volunteers have work that is safe, enjoyable and productive.

    Work Health and Safety Policy

    Tearfund's Work Health and Safety Policy describes our commitment to providing a safe workplace, systems and training for all who work with us.

    Volunteer Policy

    Our Volunteer Policy defines the mutual responsibilities of Tearfund and Tearfund volunteers to ensure our work together is enjoyable and productive.

    Conflict of Interest Policy

    Tearfund's Conflict of Interest Policy provide guidelines for what could be a conflict of interest for staff, volunteers, and consultants and how they should be handled.

    Disability Inclusion Policy

    Our Disability Inclusion Policy describes Tearfund's commitments to disability inclusion. Tearfund recognises the inherent worth and dignity of all people as created in the image of God and acknowledges the rights of persons with disabilities to have equal access and opportunities to participate in their communities.

    Other Policies

    Policies A to Z