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Discovering joy in giving: How your values align with Tearfund's mission

Giving is more than a transaction; it is a posture, a recognition that all we have is from God. It reflects our deepest values and aspirations, making it vital to choose where to give with intention and heart. In a world rich with causes that merit support, finding joy in your giving comes from aligning your resources with the needs God has placed on your heart.

At Tearfund, we seek to facilitate this alignment through our commitment to creating a just and compassionate world where everyone can experience the fullness of life. While many organisations contribute valuably to global betterment, our approach is shaped by distinctive values and practices that may align with your own vision of charitable giving.

As you contemplate your support this EOFY, we invite you to consider several reflective questions. They are invitations to explore whether your values and passions intersect with the unique aspects of our work. This guide is designed to help you ascertain how giving to Tearfund can help activate your desire to make a meaningful, joyful impact.

1. Does tackling poverty and its associated challenges resonate with your deepest passions?

At Tearfund, our mission is to end poverty, challenge inequality and build sustainable communities. We strive to challenge and change systemic inequalities that affect the world's most vulnerable communities.

Our work involves providing access to education, delivering clean and safe water, empowering communities to become leaders, and addressing critical food insecurity and hunger. Each effort is designed not just to meet immediate needs but to foster long-term sustainability so that all may experience fullness of life.

If these efforts resonate with your passion for making a transformative impact, then your support can help continue this vital work.

2. How important is it for you that your giving supports a Christian organisation?

Tearfund’s mission is deeply rooted in the biblical vision that everyone should experience the fullness of life (John 10:10). Inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus, our work extends into the hardest places, bringing compassion where it is most needed. We partner with Christian organisations that are equally motivated by Christ's love, demonstrating this commitment in communities facing severe hardships and injustices.

If aligning your charitable giving with a Christian organisation is important to you, Tearfund offers a pathway to express your faith through practical action.

3. Do you believe that change should be driven by local communities?

Recognising that local communities best understand their own needs, Tearfund does not run its own projects. Instead, we partner with local Christian organisations deeply rooted in and dedicated to their communities.

Our support extends beyond financial assistance; we also equip our partners with the necessary skills and capacities to grow and carry out their work. This empowerment approach ensures that solutions are culturally appropriate and sustainable, driven by those who know the local context best.

If you believe in empowering local leaders as the most effective agents of change, your support for Tearfund will magnify this impact.

4. Are there regions or countries where you're particularly motivated to support change?

At Tearfund, while you cannot specify which country your donation will support, you can be sure that your giving will always be directed to where it is most needed. This approach allows us to focus our efforts on what we call Hard Places—regions burdened by severe aspects of poverty and injustice, including oppression, religious persecution, discrimination, displacement, violence, and exploitation. By directing donations where they are most needed, we ensure that your support addresses the most urgent issues in the most heavily impacted areas.

If you wish for your donation to make a profound impact where it is most needed, giving to Tearfund aligns with this vital need.

5. What role do you see for Australian Christians in addressing global challenges?

The role of Australians should extend beyond financial donations. Tearfund empowers Australian Christians to engage in justice issues through informed action and prayer.

To foster this deeper engagement, we provide tailored Bible study resources, conduct educational sessions in schools to inspire young leaders and support advocacy for systemic changes within our government. This holistic approach enables Australian Christians not just to give, but to actively live out their faith in pursuit of global justice.

If you see a broader role for Australian Christians, your support for Tearfund enables this engagement.

As you've reflected on these questions, we hope you've gained deeper insights into Tearfund's mission and our unwavering commitment to justice. If you find that our approach resonates with your vision for a better world, we invite you to join us.

Together, we can participate in God’s vision of fullness of life, impacting lives through financial generosity, advocacy, education and prayer.