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The Climate Report - Tearfund's landmark research on climate, young Christians and the Church.

Bequest Laos Children

Leave a gift to Tearfund in your will (bequest)

Leaving a gift in your will is a powerful way to express your beliefs and values in a lasting way.

At Tearfund Australia, we believe that God’s plan for the world is that everyone would know the fullness of life that Jesus proclaimed. That everyone can achieve their God-given potential. That despite injustice, poverty and marginalisation, we as followers of Christ are called to pursue God’s justice on earth in the way we live, the way we pray and the way we give.

We encourage you to consider leaving a portion of your estate to Tearfund Australia when you plan how your estate will be administered.

For a confidential discussion on remembering Tearfund Australia in your will, please contact Tearfund Australia on 1800 244 986.

The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, The world and all who live in it.

– Psalm 24:1
Bequest Rosalia Mozambique

By remembering Tearfund Australia in your will, your gift will be used to:

  • Support partner organisations that share our Christian faith as they work with communities facing poverty.
  • Implement sustainable projects that transform communities and help them become independent and resilient
  • Help local partners working in areas of the world where the need is great.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider a gift to Tearfund Australia in your will, and to take the time to share these thoughts with family and loved ones. We’re also happy to arrange a confidential discussion at any point on how your gift may be used and how to go about remembering Tearfund in your will.

For a confidential discussion on remembering Tearfund Australia in your will, please contact us on 1800 244 986.

Our Will reflects our life-long commitment to God’s kingdom values.

– Peter & Meredith, Victoria
Bequest Testimony
Peter & Meredith, Victoria

“We have been Tearfund supporters since the 1980’s. Our children have grown up knowing that our faith in Jesus has been fundamentally outlived through our commitment to the gospel truths of grace, justice and mercy.

That has been evident to them in our choices to not pursue money and possessions; to participate and advocate in social justice activities; to share all that God has given us with those less fortunate; and through our ongoing involvement with Tearfund over the years.

So it is no surprise to them as adults to know that, whilst we will always ensure they will be well taken care of when we are called home, our Will also reflects our life-long commitment to God’s kingdom values. We wanted our Will to express our shared faith and values, even when we’re gone. That’s why a bequest to Tearfund just makes sense – to us and to them.”

– Peter & Meredith, Victoria

Ways to remember Tearfund Australia in your will

We understand that making your will is an important decision that requires careful planning. Depending on your circumstances there are a number of different ways you can remember TEAR in your will:

Leave a share of your estate

This type of gift (known as a residuary bequest) nominates a percentage of your estate to Tearfund Australia after you have included your family or loved ones. Even a small percentage (2%, 5% or 10%) can make a significant impact in the lives of communities facing poverty.

Leave a fixed sum of money

You may specify a particular amount of money to Tearfund in your will. It is worth remembering that this type of gift will not allow for changes in your circumstances or inflation.

Leave a specific item or items

You may wish to leave us a particular item which can be sold to support our work. It could be shares or an item of value such as property, art or other valuables. We encourage you to discuss your plans with Tearfund if you are planning a specific gift to Tearfund.

For a confidential discussion on remembering Tearfund Australia in your will, please contact us on 1800 244 986.