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Tearfund supporter Daniela is passionate about good food! A patisserie teacher and chef, she tends a flourishing garden complete with large veggie patch, fruit trees and chickens. She loves to share her table with friends and family and to teach her three young children the importance of food and where it comes from.


Meet Dan

Dan says: “Being able to feed my kids nutritious good food is really important to me and something I don’t take for granted.”

“I’m aware that not everyone has the opportunity to access the abundance of good, fresh food that we are blessed with. My heart breaks for those parents around the world who are struggling to put food on the table for their children.”


Motivated by her faith and her compassion for those around the world who facing poverty, Dan is a regular giver to Tearfund’s work, with an interest in projects which focus on food production and farming.

“Teaching people to grow their own food, and techniques for improving crops that they can make a living from, is something that I believe can really help support and empower people,” she says.

“Having enough to eat – enough for your children to grow healthy and strong, should be something every parent can have access to. I think it’s also what God would want for our world.”

“It has so many flow-on effects. A healthier, more nutritious diet helps people enjoy better health. Kids are able to have the energy to go to school and learn properly. By growing food, parents are able to sell some and earn extra money which may go towards school uniforms or other expenses. It’s heading towards this picture which God paints of fullness of life, something everyone should have the opportunity to experience.”

Dan encourages us: “For most us in Australia, who have more than enough food to eat, let’s share our blessings with others in the way that God has asked us to.”

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