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Bibbulmun Track Journey - A step towards reconciliation

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  • WA

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You're invited to walk a section of the Bibbulmun Track with Indigenous Elders and leaders as they talk about culture, history, and the significance of reconciliation for all Australians.

This event is being hosted by TEAR Australia because we believe that reconciliation between non-indigenous and Indigenous peoples of Australia is critically important.


We will walk from Nanga rd just out of Dwellingup – 7.5 km to the Swamp Oak campsite on Saturday. Then from Swamp Oak Campsite to Yarrigal Form Rd - 8km on Sunday. Each year we traverse a different part of the Bibbulmun.


  • This event involves walking about 20 KM in two days and accomodation is in basic huts and tents.
  • Carry your own food (provided) and other provisions (as necessary).
  • Accommodation is in basic huts


  • Busses will be provided from the TEAR office (315 Bagot Rd, Subiaco) to the start of the walk and will also bring you back.
  • Busses will bring you back to the TEAR office (315 Bagot Rd, Subiaco) at approximately 3.30pm Sunday
Bibbulmun Track Journey 2018 1
Bibbulmun Track Journey, past participants.
Bib Track 18
Bibbulmun Track Journey, past participants.

There have been about 50 past participants in this event, who were deeply impacted:

“On the weekend that went, I walked a segment of the Bibbulmun track just south of Jarrahdale. It was an amazing journey. The people I walked with were full of love and kindness and we slowly got to know each other as the walk went on. The scenery was spectacular and the views from the hilltops brought me a sense of inner peace. I took in the sights, smells, sounds, thought about our old people and connected to country. Being out there made me feel like my spirit was being rejuvenated. The walk was organised to bring our people's (Nyoongar & Wadjellah) together. Thank you Steve, Wez and all participants”. - Olman

‘I was really hit by the responsibility upon me and us that we need to now be agents of reconciliation to help heal this land and our people". - Mark.


Such a special weekend spent on TEAR's Bibbulmun track journey; just a bunch of willing strangers coming together to seek, learn, fellowship and open ourselves to be impacted by the beauty and power of creation and creator.

Jessie Former participant
Bibbulmun Track, Dwellingup WA 6213, Australia