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Tear 2019 Waevent

Journeying Towards Justice Together

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TEAR WA Gathering

As we journey towards God's vision for the world. There is a tendency to become overwhelmed, feel isolated and feel disconnected from the sense that our actions are making a difference in creating a more just and equitable society for all. TEAR's hope is to support you; encouraging, inspiring and equipping you to be demonstrating God's love in the world. Our experience tells us that when we work together as God's church we are an unstoppable force for a more just and equitable world. Join us as we gather, learn and explore how we work together for justice. With God’s Spirit empowering us we can Journey Towards Justice Together and achieve great things.

“For we are God’s co-workers. We are God’s garden, working together building His building”. 1 Cor 3:9 adapted.

Featuring Keynote Sessions by:

🔹Tara Conradt, Lead Pastor of Sanctuary Church Joondalup

🔹TEAR CEO Matthew Maury and National Advocacy Lead Jo Knight


Workshop Session 1 - 9.55am- 10.40am

a) First People’s Empowerment- Part 1 Natasha Short

Our First Peoples have always been survivors. They have been influenced by a welfare/ charity mindset we gave them. Natasha Short from the Kimberley’s will provide examples of how to empower First People to restore dignity and create small acts of justice that can snowball in Jesus name.

b) Hope in Hard Places - Phil Lindsay & Kuki Rokhum

TEAR Australia’s Development Effectiveness Co-ordinator and Kuki Rokhum- Project Co-ordinator in EFICOR; One of our Partners in India.

TEAR’s partners have always worked in Hard Places. We are trying to be more intentional in our support of them; Sudan, Somalia Afghanistan, working in the poorest communities, or with people who aren’t given the rights and the dignity they are due. There are complexities in such settings, and development is not a simple linear process. Success may look different, or just be hard to see. Projects will be highlighted to show how hope and justice can come together; how although donors love to give to things like chooks or goats sometimes a rights-based empowering approach can be more effective. What does hope in hard places look like? Kuki will be on a recorded interview but Phil will be live.

c) #Don'tBeRubbish - Jo Knight

TEAR’s advocacy is about equipping and empowering you to bring about change as part of a movement locally and globally working towards a restorative economy.

Come hear about our new rubbish campaign which is an accessible way for you to mobilise your church to call on multinational companies to take responsibility for the impact of plastic pollution on the world’s poor. If you’re ready to go deeper, we will help you to engage with your MP so that Australia keeps its Paris Promises to protect the poor from climate impacts and rebuilds aid to end hunger.

d) Fairer Homes and Gardens - Peg Davies

If we want a fairer, more equitable and just world it starts in our own back yard. Part of the reason people are poor is because of unsustainable demands and lifestyle. Peg gives practical ways of how to transform your lifestyle in your own back yard.

Workshop session 2 - 11- 11. 45

A) First People’s Empowerment-Part 2 Natasha Short

B) Working with Young People Can Make a Difference - Melanie Thompson

Mel is a beautiful, hopeful, joyous, passionate teacher who will facilitate you to help young people to figure out what they want to do to change the world and create an action plan to do this. Our hope is to use this opportunity to create a Young People’s TEAR Action Group.

C) Becoming part of TEAR’s movement - Steve McKinnon

Steve will cast a vision for Australia that will inspire you and cause you to join God’s ‘irresistible revolution’. How do we shift the church from charity to justice? This will provide training on what you can do to become a part of TEAR’s movement. How you can practise and motivate others in the church in a ripple affect movement to give, live, learn, pray and advocate. You will learn what a TEAR Ambassador is and what a TEAR Action Group does and be given resources to make a difference in your own locality. There will be time for questions so we can tailor training to what you need.

D) Walking humbly with God - Tim Finney

How do we pray and remain attuned to God’s Spirit while seeking and working for mercy and justice? Tim has translated Jesus call from Luke 4 from the Greek. This is very illuminating about our call also that is holistic and far reaching. To be Spirit-filled means to bring good news to the destitute. Tim will also lead us into ways we can connect with God through reflection and practising prayer for the poor.

10 Groat St, North Beach WA 6020, Australia