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Pray for Pakistan

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Millions of people have been affected by floods in Pakistan, hundreds have been killed, and the government has declared a national emergency.

More than 33 million people have been displaced as destructive monsoon rains continue to wreak havoc. Many parts of Pakistan have become inaccessible, with Balochistan and Sindh provinces the worst-affected areas.

Tearfund’s partner, Anglican Diocese of Hyderabad, has two projects in Sindh province. They report that homes, crops and personal possessions have all been washed away. Latrines and fuel-efficient stoves, which the communities built as part of the project activities, were also destroyed.

Many people are experiencing psychological distress from the trauma of the flooding. There are also many people displaced by the loss of housing, and at risk of water-borne diseases and food insecurity.

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Please pray

  • Pray for all people affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan – for safety and protection for those who have been displaced, and that aid will reach affected communities as soon as possible.
  • Pray for comfort and strength for people who are distressed, traumatised and grieving at this time.
  • Pray for Tearfund’s local partners in Pakistan as they seek to respond to this disaster, and for the communities they have been working with, where many people have now lost homes, crops, livelihoods, and many of the self-sufficiency measures they had been working towards.
  • Remember in prayer Pakistan’s government as it copes with this emergency situation - pray for wisdom and clarity.

Pakistan Flood Emergency Appeal

Tearfund's partners are actively responding

Recent flooding in Pakistan has caused millions of people to be homeless, hundreds have lost their lives, and the government has declared a national emergency.