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War in ukraine 2

War in Ukraine

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The world is reeling from the unprovoked and unjust invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The people of Ukraine now face the prospect of a prolonged period of conflict and suffering, and the whole world is facing a destabilised and dangerous new world order. Thoughts are turning to the Ukrainian people – millions are fleeing the violence as refugees, while those who stay face the prospect of an oppressive new regime.

Tearfund joins the rest of the world in condemning such shocking use of violence against a peaceful democratic nation. Our prayers are with the people of Ukraine as they face the horrors of war in the weeks and months ahead.

Photo: Integra
Photo: Integra

Pray for Ukraine

Suggestions about what to pray for, and creative prayer ideas for you and your church, group or family to use.

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Refugees at the Ukraine / Slovakia border. Photo: Jana Čavojská
Refugees at the Ukraine / Slovakia border. Photo: Jana Čavojská
Refugees at the Ukraine / Slovakia border. Photo: Jana Čavojská
Refugees at the Ukraine / Slovakia border. Photo: Jana Čavojská

An impact on the whole world

Conflict and the suffering it causes are all too familiar to organisations like Tearfund and our local partners. Many of the countries we work in across Africa, Asia and the Middle East are experiencing conflict – often prolonged and complex.

Why does Tearfund work in hard places?

Currently, Tearfund Australia has chosen not to generate a humanitarian appeal for the Ukrainian situation and that which is unfolding in neighbouring countries.

Driven by a challenge of focus rather than the lack of need, Tearfund continues to prioritise working alongside local partners in contexts around the world where poverty is at its sharpest. Currently our focus remains in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Northern Ethiopia and in many other contexts that are unlikely to make the headlines, but remain critical and where our support is most needed.

We will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and wrestle with the question of whether we have a role to play there in supporting this unfolding humanitarian crisis. We will also continue to keep our supporters informed and resourced to respond with prayer in this critical time in world history.

Supporting Tearfund’s work in conflict situations

In the meantime, if you are looking to support humanitarian work that is addressing the suffering caused by conflict please explore some of our current appeals and options below.

Emergency Action Alliance

Whilst Tearfund isn’t currently responding, we are part of the Emergency Action Alliance (EAA), who have numerous members that are responding. To find out more and to donate visit