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Your 5 Most Read Articles in 2022

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At a time when we’ve never been more bombarded with content, thank you for choosing to go deeper with content that makes an impact! Over the past year, we’ve loved bringing you timely and enriching content to fuel your justice journey.

Alongside supporting the incredible work of our partners in communities around the world, this is a major part of Tearfund’s mission: supporting you to make biblically shaped responses to poverty and injustice.

We trust that as you’ve read, discussed, listened, prayed and learned, that the stories we’ve shared haven’t just resonated, but have led to transformation. Here are the articles that reached the Tearfund community the most in 2022:

Tearfund Resource Bible Study The Greatest Gift of All

1. The Greatest Gift - Bible Study on 1 Corinthians 12-13

We all fall short when it comes to loving one another. Whether it is in our friendships, our marriages, our workplaces... What we need to remember in engaging with this famous passage is that it wasn’t written for a wedding ceremony, it was written to be shared with a newly forming Christian community living at the centre of the Roman empire. This new Bible Study Guide provides an excellent platform to tackle the themes of gifts, community and discipleship today.

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5 books story 2021

2. Five books that will deepen your walk with God

Five Tearfund staff members share about a book they’ve read this year that has challenged their thinking and prompted them to reflect on the many ways God’s love can be seen in action in our world.

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Climate report front cover

3. They Shall Inherit the Earth - Tearfund Climate Report

Tearfund's landmark report on climate, young Christians and the Church in Australia. It's the most comprehensive research to date on Australian Christians' views on climate change.

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Tearfund upside down world podcast

4. Blessed are the poor in Spirit - podcast included

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus shares the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12), outlining the ‘conditions’ under which people experience ‘blessing’. He doesn’t suggest security, status or self-preservation – Jesus confers mercy, mourning and meekness. This back-to-front framework is the way to life in an upside-down world.

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5. World Hunger: Five facts you need to know

The world is in the grip of an unprecedented global food crisis. Fifty million people are on the brink of famine. In communities and countries where people were already struggling to find food as a result of climate shocks, conflict and COVID, the war in Ukraine has pushed them to breaking point. Here are five facts about world hunger you need to know.

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