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Tearfund read-a-thon

Readathon yearly 2021 banner

2021 Tearfund read-a-thon


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What is Tearfund read-a-thon?

Tearfund read-a-thon is a fun and practical way to help students respond to global poverty. It offers students inspiration, hope and a demonstration of one way that individuals and groups of people can contribute to lasting change.

In Australia, education is a rite of passage, but for many people around the world – both adults and children – education is just a distant dream. At Tearfund Australia, we believe that God has created enormous potential in every person that can flourish with access to education, and we’re working alongside our local partners around the world to achieve this vision through projects like pre-school classes, adult literacy and teacher training.

Sign up your school for Tearfund read-a-thon – and help people around the world access the power of education!

Download the information brochure or register your interest today.

Tearfund read-a-thon meshes neatly with our existing curriculum priority of encouraging a culture and love of reading while also growing in servant-heartedness. The Tearfund read-a-thon enables students to set goals and reach for them while advocating for a worthy cause.

English Teacher, NSW
Tabitha lives in a rural village in South Sudan. She and her friends are enjoying classroom learning thanks to the work of TEAR’s local partner, ACROSS.

Tabitha lives in a rural village in South Sudan, where education has not always been within easy reach due to decades of conflict and a lack of resources, facilities and teachers. But Tabitha and her friends are now enjoying classroom learning and are growing big dreams for the future, thanks to the work of Tearfund’s local partner, ACROSS.

ACROSS has been equipping local schools with teacher training, improved water and sanitation facilities, and passionate volunteers from the community who encourage school attendance and student wellbeing. South Sudan has a brighter future as a new generation of learners like Tabitha are given the opportunity to grow in their God-given potential through education!

Register your school for the 2021 Tearfund read-a-thon to help more people like Tabitha access education.

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I would encourage other students to do Tearfund read-a-thon because we can help other people around the world to make a change by reading and passing on knowledge to children.

Year 7 Student, WA

More information

For more information or to register, please contact our friendly team at [email protected] or on 1800 244 986.

Download the Tearfund read-a-thon brochure


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