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Adaptive Planning for Disruptive Times - Remote Learning Forum

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Resource adaptive planning for disruptive times

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The year 2020 was so disruptive to our organisations and programs. Two speakers share how their organisations have organisations reviewed their strategies and programs to cope with times of disruption and changed contexts.

Watch the video below.

The Remote Learning Forum gathered leaders from Tearfund Australia and partner organisations to hear and discuss about adaptive planning and what it means for our organisations. We heard from two speakers during this time:

  • Eddie Mall from Saahasee, India
  • Matthew Maury – Tearfund Australia

Eddie and Matthew their learnings from leading change within their organisations during this past year when everyone’s plans have been altered to some extent, and our normal work, and working models have fallen down. Eddie spoke about how his project plans needed to be contextualised and revised regularly as COVID and lockdowns affected the communities and the ability of Saahasee to work. Matthew spoke about principles of adaptive planning, and the need for leaders to focus on “anchor points” and “lighthouses” to navigate through uncertainty.

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