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Advocacy resources for organisations in north India

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Tear Resource Advocacy Resources For Organisations In North India

Development Education

Mark, a long term supporter of TEAR, has worked together with our partner in India, Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA), to produce some excellent advocacy resources for organisations operating in north India.

These 'Advocacy Manuals', one each for most states in north India, detail almost 40 different entitlements which should be available to the poor, together with how to apply for each of those entitlements and suggestions for how to appeal/advocate, should the application get stuck the 'system', which is often not very poor friendly.

Download the manuals as pdf documents on the EHA website.

Mark and his family lived and worked with the urban poor in north India from 1995 till recently. As part of Servants (, their focus was on living with and learning from the urban poor as they sought to find solutions to some of the complex issues faced by their neighbours in the slums.

Mark has built significant relationships with a number of other TEAR partners; most notably EFICOR & Muneer. Mark worked with EHA from 1998 to 2014 in a variety of roles, most recently setting up their Advocacy Program in which he has assisted many EHA projects to become aware of the various government schemes available to help the poor. Some of that learning is now available in these user friendly advocacy manuals.