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Remote Monitoring for Learning - Remote Learning Forum

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Resource remote monitoring for learning

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Following our first well-attended Learning Forum, on “Doing evaluations differently”, we're pleased to present: “Remote Monitoring: For Learning”.

In 2020, with COVID restrictions in place in most countries around the world preventing the gathering of large groups, and both international and domestic travel, supporting and implementing partners considered new ways of remotely monitoring their work.

Watch the forums to learn from three organisations who have experience in remote monitoring. Their presentations led to some discussion, questions, and top tips in how to organise and implement effective methods for remotely monitoring projects.

Watch the forum below.

Speakers and topics covered:

  • Medair, Somalia. Tools for monitoring community health groups and initiatives
  • EFICOR, India. Using data collection tools, such as Kobo and WhatsApp
  • BA-BBCF, Bangladesh. Learning processes to find out what is happening in communities. Plus how they use this information to learn and shape their responses.

Note: To download this presentation, click the 'Download' button on this page.