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Tearfund Climate Report – Unpacking the Key Findings

Tearfund Climate Report Findings

Tearfund's landmark report on climate, young Christians and the Church in Australia is the most comprehensive research to date on Australian Christians' views on climate change.

Unpack the 8 key findings from the Tearfund Climate Report with these short video and suggested actions and conversations you can bring back to your church.

Key Findings Summary

A short summary of all 8 key findings from the Tearfund Climate Report.

Finding #1

Christians aged 18 to 40 years are highly engaged with climate change and increasingly concerned about its impact.

Finding #2

Silence and inaction on climate change fall short of expectations.

Finding #3

There is uncertainty about the place of creation in the Gospel and mission.

Finding #4

Preaching on creation care is uncommon and more can be done in practice.

Finding #5

There is a disconnect between climate change and core issues of faith.

Finding #6

There’s an opportunity to connect with Christians and communities outside the church.

Finding #7

Inclusive discussion, equipping and practical steps are keys for leadership.

Finding #8

Christians aged 18 to 40 years want to see the Church doing more today.

Event Launch

Watch the launch event for Tearfund's Climate Report - an online event for church leaders.