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Now is the time to reset. It begins with our faith: Reset for a better 'normal'.

The Lord's Prayer: Imagination for Tomorrow

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Tear Resource Imagination For Tomorrow

Churches, Prayer

Deborah Storie lived for several years in an Afghan village. It was during this time she realised just how amazing the Lord’s Prayer is.

Village women would greet each other in the morning and talk about what they had for dinner the night before. Some had eaten chicken, others lamb. But the thing was, this meat was entirely imaginary. These women were dreaming about how they would like the world to be. Praying the Lord’s Prayer as she lived amongst people who knew daily hunger, were crushed by debt, and feared the authorities for good reason, Deborah began to see it as an invitation to imagine the world as it should be, an invitation to dream the dreams of God.

Watch the video below, and download and read a longer paper written by Deborah, Imagination forTomorrow.


Watch this short video to hear more of Deborah’s reflections on the Lord’s Prayer.

Since her time in Afghanistan as a TEAR Australia Fieldworker, Deborah has studied and taught community development and theology, served on the Board of TEAR Australia, and worked as a training and evaluation consultant for development projects in Afghanistan and elsewhere.