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Bring hope to hard places
Become a Restorer today

Join Restorers, our monthly giving community, and be part of a network of passionate Christians dedicated to renewal, transformation and the restoration of hope in hard places across the globe.

Choose a monthly gift:

With your monthly gift, you can help bring an expression of God's work of restoration to people facing poverty, conflict and suffering around the globe. Will you join us?

Become a Restorer today

Hope in hard places

Join Restorers and be at the heart of Tearfund’s work around the world. Every single day, the powerful generosity of the Restorers community is helping to fuel global transformation – igniting hope in hard places.^

Our collective impact:


participants in 96 projects


Christian partners


countries (across Africa, Asia and the Pacific)

Why give monthly?



Invest in sustainable solutions: Ending poverty and injustice won’t happen overnight. Monthly support means we can commit to long-term sustainable projects that truly bring about lasting change.



Your donation goes even further: Monthly giving requires less operational costs, so more of your donation goes directly to addressing the challenges of poverty and injustice for communities around the world.



Allows us to respond rapidly: Transforming communities requires both immediate and long-term initiatives. Monthly giving means we can quickly and effectively support our partners to adapt and respond.

Ruby Watters

“I trust Tearfund. I started supporting Tearfund because of their partnership model and good development practice, and that’s the reason I keep supporting them through Restorers. I know that my regular giving makes an impact, and helps organisations like Tearfund with forward planning. It’s a key part of my discipleship: of establishing patterns of generosity and being reminded of God’s generosity in my life.”

– Ruby Watters, Tearfund Restorer

Andrew Hii sq

“As a follower of Jesus, I want to reflect God’s character and attributes such as faithfulness and generosity, and recognise his lordship over all of me, realising that everything I have belongs to him anyway. I give to Tearfund as a Restorer as a form of spiritual discipline to enable the broader global church to bring about justice and restoration to a broken world.”

– Andrew Hii, Tearfund Restorer

Jacinta Trang

“Tearfund has helped deepen my understanding of how faith and social justice intersect. I love being able to support an organisation where Christian faith and God’s mission are at the centre of the work of fighting poverty and injustice. As a young professional, I want to start making good habits with finances now. It’s not about the amount you’re making, but the heart behind it. I know that my monthly gift through Restorers helps Tearfund work closely with local partners to bring sustainable change in hard places.”

– Jacinta Trang, Tearfund Restorer

Restorers DSC 2670

Change the story

When you give each month, you become part of a new story – a story of restoration, one where poverty and injustice do not get the last word. You’ll belong to a close-knit community of Restorers, writing new stories of hope every day with our local partners and the communities we serve together.

Become a Restorer today
Restorers DSC 2413

Belong to a community of global transformation

Join a network of Christians passionate about ending extreme poverty and injustice. You’ll get to know like-minded individuals who are helping to bring hope to hard places. As a Restorer, you’ll be supporting people on the frontlines, and will be connected more closely with the challenges and solutions.

Stand together

By giving each month, you join a network of support around the world. You’re standing with our partners on the ground, and the communities they serve in some of the hardest places in the world. Read this real-life story of restoration in Laos.

Join the story. Become part of the loop. Helping us work towards a world without poverty, injustice and inequality.

Become a Restorer today

Your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to live in.
– Isaiah 58:12

This is our commitment to you:

Restorers DSC 2707
Stories & resources about Tearfund’s work across the globe.
Restorers DSC 2734
Updates on the life-giving impact you’re making.
Promo organising lexie tjc
Unique access to events & webinars with our team and partners.
We are tearfund church partnership nepal 1
A community of Australian Christians passionate about justice.

Frequently asked questions:

About Restorers

What does the Restorers program support?

When you join as a Restorer, you'll be helping where the need is greatest. Projects are selected on the following basis:

  • focus on the poorest and most marginalised people;
  • give priority to the rights, interests, needs and capacities of the people they serve;
  • address both the symptoms and the causes of poverty and marginalisation;
  • produce tangible, lasting improvement in the lives of the people they serve;
  • skills within communities, civil society and government to address their own development priorities.

Find out more about how Tearfund works in partnership and our project guidelines.

Can I choose how my donations are directed?

When you join as a Restorer, your giving is allocated where the need is greatest, allowing us greater flexibility in times of crisis and emergencies. If you would like to direct your giving to a specific area you may contact us on 1800 244 986 or [email protected] and speak to a team member to discuss the options available to you.

Is my giving tax deductible?

Yes. Each donation of $2 or more is a tax-deductible donation. ABN 85 085 413 832.

What will I receive from Tearfund

As a Restorer you will automatically receive our monthly Tearfund Update email keeping you up to date on the life of Tearfund. You will also receive unique emails specifically for Restorers with information on the impact your gift is having, case studies to see the effectiveness of your gift and invitations to specific events for Restorers.

How can I adjust the communications I receive from Tearfund?

You can update your communications preferences by speaking with one of the team at Tearfund Australia on 1800 244 986 or [email protected]

How does Tearfund use funds?

Since our beginnings in the early 1970's Tearfund has had a commitment to maintaining a low cost administration. To understand how this commitment continues to this day view our latest figures, see:

Why is there a new name?

Restoration requires long-term investment. It requires collaboration and partnership. People, like you, who give regularly, are the bedrock of Tearfund's ability to support our partners over the long term. Your support allows us to invest in renewal, forge long-term partnerships with frontline workers and communities, and deliver lasting change in some of the world's hardest places. We've created Restorers because we want to better serve our community of regular givers and extend the invitation to others. A growing community of Restorers allows us to collectively better serve our partners as they bring tangible hope and genuine restoration to communities facing poverty and injustice.

I've been giving regularly to Tearfund Australia for a while - how is Restorers different from what I was doing before?

As a regular giver to Tearfund all your existing giving and communications preferences will stay the same, however, you are also now part of our new Restorers monthly giving community. With this, you'll receive up-to-date impact reports to see how your support is contributing to transformation, stories from the field so you can learn more about the communities we collectively serve, invitations to Restorers events to dive deeper into how we bring hope to hard places and more! You'll be joining a network of Christians passionate about ending poverty and injustice. Should you wish to change or update these preferences you can contact Tearfund Australia on 1800 244 986 or [email protected]

I give to the Gift A Month program, is this the same? Should I change?

Thank you for giving a Gift A Month! While donations for the Gift A Month program also get allocated where the need is greatest, the communications that you get are different to Restorers. Should you wish to become a Restorer you are welcome to contact our team to organise this - email [email protected] or phone 1800 244 986.

General questions

Can I give from a bank account instead of a credit/debit card?

Yes, you are able to set up a direct debit with us that draws money from your bank account each month instead of using a credit card. To do this please contact Tearfund Australia on 1800 244 986 or [email protected] to facilitate this.

How can I update my giving details (payment info, amount)?

Please contact Tearfund Australia at [email protected] or call 1800 244 986. If you are updating your credit card details, for security purposes please phone rather than email. Please note that updating details is not currently available online.

Can I log in to see my giving details and make updates? / Why can't I update my credit card details online?

Unfortunately we aren't able to provide this functionality right now. It is something we hope to provide in the future!

When and how are receipts provided?

For Restorers, an annual statement of giving is sent after the close of each financial year, instead of an individual receipt each time you donate. Annual statements are usually issued from mid-July and can be sent by email or post, as preferred. If you would like to check or adjust your receipt preferences, please contact our team at [email protected] or call 1800 244 986.

How secure is your website to receive payment details? How are my credit/debit card details stored and processed?

Tearfund uses industry-standard SSL protection. Credit card payments for regular giving are stored and processed securely by The Westpac Payway payment gateway, a Level 1 PCI Service Provider.

Why can't I use PayPal?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to take recurring payments through Paypal. Paypal donations also incur higher fees and create a bigger administrative burden for us as an organisation, which means that less of your donation goes to those who need it.