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Now is the time to reset. It begins with our faith: Reset for a better 'normal'.

Christmas prayers for our partners around the world

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We invited our partners to share their prayers with us this Christmas. We wanted to hear what is on their heart, and what can we pray for their work, their community and their country? Please reflect and pray on their words below over this Christmas season.

Cambodia - PNKS (Ponleu Ney Kdey Sangkhum, which means ‘Light of Hope’)

We are working with communities in a new part of Cambodia, with a new context. Please help us by praying that we learn the new context better, and that we bring unity, love and hope to the community here.

Please pray that we have wisdom from the Lord to deal with climate change. People, especially the poor community, have strong climate change adaptation ability. Pray that they are resilient and their lives are less likely be impacted with this new environmental condition.

South Sudan - ACROSS

There is still a hope that one day South Sudan will gain peace and stability as we continue to pray.

Our prayer requests are: pray for peace for South Sudan and pray for our leaders to consider the suffering of people and the hardship they are going through and work together to achieve order, and put their political differences aside for the benefit of the nation and to work for peace

Zambia - ROCS (Reformed Open Community Schools)

Our country faced partial drought last season which has seen many communities and households experience a severe food crisis to the extent that currently they are subjected to eating wild fruits and tubers. The season has just begun. We are hearing that the southern and parts of the central province might not receive sufficient rainfall. Pray for farmers especially farmers in poverty, for a good yield.

Preap Tee Cambodia

Ethiopia -

Praise God for the women and children who became free from sexual exploitation due to Ellilta’s rehabilitation and intervention program.

As an organisation our future plan is to expand the prevention education program. Please pray for God's guidance and wisdom to be upon us on the process.

Pray also pray for our country’s national election process, which will be held in May.


Pray for peace and hope in Afghanistan as people wait for a result from the presidential elections, and wait for something to change for the better from the long years of conflict and violence

Pray for snow in Afghanistan this winter, which will mean enough food to grow next year.

Pray for TEAR’s partners in Afghanistan who are working hard in all conditions to see communities and lives slowly transforming.

Myanmar - Precious Stones

Please pray for a just and accountable government in a time of multiple conflicts within the country. Pray for the Myanmar Peace Process to be transparent, accountable, and to develop trust and respect

Pray for the 2020 Election to result in God's selected Government, and for there to be no conflict or harm towards vulnerable people

We also remember people from conflict and disaster-affected areas, and those who are

experiencing hardship, including migrants and internally displaced people living in slum areas.

Please also pray for those who are impacted by a rise in alcohol and drug usage, affecting youth, families and communities.

Zimbabwe - HEFO

HEFO works with communities that face drought at the best of times and are highly dependent on rain for food and water for themselves and their animals. But we are now also struggling to get basic work done around planning, reporting, communication and accountability because our (hydro) power is off for at least 16 hours a day. Please pray that this situation improves and that the drought is broken.

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