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Now is the time to reset. It begins with our faith: Reset for a better 'normal'.


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Before the world changed...

Jenny from our International Program Team is in Melbourne but her heart is with our partners overseas who are struggling with the impact of COVID-19.

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COVID 19 Update v2
Partnership in Pandemic: 14 May 2021 Update

Urgent updates from our partners in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. COVID-19 is impacting the communities where they work, and staff and their families.

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Partnership in Pandemic: April/May 2021 Update

Please join us to urgently pray for our partners in South Asia, where new waves of COVID-19 are having a disproportionate impact on people living in…

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Standing with our neighbours

Important lessons we've learned about standing with our neighbours, and how the For All Creation campaign is helping to put these into action.

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Seven practical ways to care for creation
Seven practical ways to care for creation

Seven practical everyday ideas to encourage you on your journey of caring for God’s creation.

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Why I love God's creation

We asked a few people from our amazing Tearfund community to share how God encourages + speaks to them through creation. Be encouraged by their…

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Inspiring prayers for God’s creation

Be inspired to pray for our beautiful world and reflect on how we can better love our global neighbours affected by a changing climate.

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I Don't Have to Migrate Now...

Tearfund’s partner EFICOR has been training local people in ways of farming that better suit the conditions in Rajasthan, northern India.

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The Impact of a Changing Climate

For Maliram & Dulki Bai, support from Tearfund’s partner EFICOR hasn’t only helped them to farm more productively – it’s empowered them & given them…

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