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Elizabeth, and the twins at seven months old
“They saved my life”: Transforming health in South Sudan at birth and beyond

With help from our partner, Elizabeth was able to deliver healthy twin girls in a country with one of the highest maternal & infant mortality rates…

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A voice in our time
A Voice in our time

As Christians, with all Australians, we have a once-in-generations opportunity to take a substantive step on the path towards justice for First…

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William Cooper
Christian leaders have consistently called for greater representation

Remembering the calls from Indigenous and non-indigenous Christian leaders for the recognition and representation of First Nations people in our…

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Laos School Desk Girl
(Quiz) How hard is it to get a kid to school around the world?

Take our quiz to find out just how hard it can be to get a child into school in some of the world’s hardest places.

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Meet the way makers n2
Meet the way-makers driven by hope in South Sudan

Meet some of the people who are helping to make a way out of poverty for communities in South Sudan through health care, education and peacebuilding.

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A place to put their garbage 1
No place to put their garbage...

In the slum communities of Mumbai where Tearfund’s partner Saahasee works, dealing with rubbish is yet another strain on top of their other daily…

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Christian Surfers faith can move mountains of rubbish n2
Faith can move mountains... of rubbish

Jono Bailey from Christian Surfers Australia, is deeply saddened by the rising levels of plastic pollution bringing destruction to the oceans..

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Plastic free 7
How to reduce your rubbish

Our top tips to help you think about what you throw away and how you can reduce your rubbish.

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Plastic free 1
Plastic-free swaps

Discover some of the easiest, permanent plastic-free swaps you can make in different parts of your home.

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