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Hope for a sustainable future
Why our response to COVID-19 gives me hope for a sustainable future

In the midst of disruption, we've come together in ways that we wouldn’t have thought possible just a short time ago. There is a reason to hope.

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Bringing hope and health to mums and children in Papua

Our partner Yasera in Papua works with mums and children in the community to improve health, nutrition and hygiene - with life-changing outcomes.

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Season of creation 1b
A Season of Creation

We asked a few people from our community to share with us how God encourages and speaks to them through creation. We hope it will encourage and…

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Faith-led, hope-filled, and love-saturated discipleship in uncertain times

How do we respond to the good news of Jesus and remain faithful in the face of a public health crisis, a world economic crisis and a racial justice…

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TM 2020 n2 handbrake 1
Is the Handbrake On?

Tearfund Partner, Moorditj Keila, has launched an exciting new program to help young Aboriginal people in the south of Perth gain their driver…

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TM 2020 n2 new opportunities 7
Social Enterprise Feature: GladRose, India

TEAR’s Impact Investing initiative has helped our Indian partner Saahasee to launch GladRose, a nursing care services social enterprise.

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Investing in New Opportunities

While “restriction” seems to characterise much of life today, there is an exciting new avenue for TEAR and our partners: social enterprise and impact…

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Discipleship despite distance
Discipleship Despite Distance

Looking for practical ways to build your hope & spur you on in love & good deeds? Here are some ideas to grow in discipleship together, even while…

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TM 2020 n2 cultivating hope 3
Cultivating Hope

Krishna Adhikari, Director of International Nepal Fellowship (INF), shares how COVID-19 is impacting vulnerable communities in Nepal.

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