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The Climate Report - Tearfund's landmark research on climate, young Christians and the Church.


Conversations about climate justice bringing hope 1
Conversations about Climate Justice – Bringing Hope

Author and mother Susy Lee says the Church could play an important role in bringing hope on the issue of climate change.

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An opportunity for the church to truly be ambassadors of reconciliation 1
An opportunity for the Church to truly be ‘ambassadors of reconciliation’

Tearfund’s newly-released research on climate change offers potential for a hopeful future, an opportunity to bridge divides on this most challenging…

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Climate change feels more imminent now 2
Climate change ‘feels more imminent now’

For Hattie Steenholdt, the Black Summer bushfires was a visceral experience of climate change. It’s strengthened her conviction that Christians need…

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Villagers from rural northern India
Understanding the problem of climate change and poverty

People living in poverty are both more vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and the least resourced to adapt to it.

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Were in a climate crisis and church leaders must respond
We’re in a climate crisis – and church leaders must respond

We cannot stand idly by while God’s precious world is destroyed, writes Tearfund UK’s Ruth Valerio.

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We must be bold on climate says rohen 1
We must be bold on climate, says Rohen

This young Christian found he could no longer ignore the reality of climate change. Now he’s talking about it and doing everything he can to care for…

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Healing creation restoring communities in cambodia 1
Healing creation, restoring communities in Cambodia

In God’s vision of restored creation, the flourishing of people and the earth are connected. Tearfund partners with organisations whose work…

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20190320 Mozambique Cyclone Idai 010
Coping with the emotional toll of climate change in cyclone-affected Mozambique

Tearfund’s partner in Mozambique is working on trauma intervention to help people deal with distress caused by the devastating effects of a changing…

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As climate change takes hold in india farmers fear for the future 2
As climate change takes hold in India, farmers fear for the future

Farmers in north-west India are already struggling but they know that future generations will feel the impact of a changing climate even more acutely.

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