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Partnership in Pandemic: July 2021 Update

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As COVID-19 continues to cause suffering and despair around the world, many countries are also experiencing conflict and political turmoil. Please continue to pray for all of our partners as they stand alongside people in situations of great hardship.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

– John 16:33

Map Afghanistan


The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan after NATO’s 20-year military mission there has the potential to cause great instability in this war-torn country and its region. This, coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is creating despair and uncertainty for a people who have already known so much suffering.

Tearfund partners with a number of organisations in Afghanistan that are delivering vital health, education and livelihood support to help vulnerable people enjoy greater health, well-being and dignity, and also providing specific care and support in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Please pray for the people of Afghanistan as they adjust to yet more political upheaval in their country, and face the prospect of conflict and violence.
  • Please pray for the staff at Tearfund’s partner organisations in Afghanistan at this time of change and instability.
  • Please pray for an end to the conflict in Afghanistan, that peace talks would lead to stability for this country that has experienced so much violence.
Map India


While it may have slipped from the headlines in Australia and case numbers are thankfully decreasing, India’s COVID-19 crisis is still causing great suffering and anguish, as well as disruption and upheaval, across the country. It also has wider implications.

Please pray for Tearfund’s partners in India:

Emmanuel Hospital Association

Tearfund partners with the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) in India. EHA has been working with communities in Aligarh, Agra and Champa, urban areas which are being heavily impacted by the country’s second wave of COVID-19. EHA is providing cash support for medications and nutrition to treat COVID, and food relief packages for families.

Tearfund has supported work to provide relief and medical supplies to communities through the Champa Christian Hospital, including surgical and N95 masks, PPE, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Dr Deepak S. Singh, regional director of EHA, shares:

The EHA hospitals have had to adapt to various situations and come up with innovative ways to keep things running in different locations. We as an organisation have much to be thankful for. The pandemic now sits on our doorstep, with our staff and communities in remote locations, putting themselves at risk of infections. Moreover, the hospitals have been running non-stop, providing essential services in their locales, despite the risk of having potentially infected people come into our doors. Yet, God has been merciful and has protected us all these months.

Please pray for the work of EHA:

  • Give thanks for God’s incredible mercy and provision in keeping EHA’s staff safe. All those who have contracted COVID over the past 18 months have recovered. Praise God for this.
  • Thanks be to God that all of EHA’s services have been able to continue running, providing care both to COVID and non-COVID patients.
  • Thank you God for the partnerships EHA has enjoyed with like-minded organisations, which have strengthened EHA’s services.

Case study

Santhosh contracted leprosy very early in life. Now 40, his condition has meant that finding work has been difficult, as has helping with household tasks. His wife Sukmat has had to juggle multiple roles – taking care of her unwell husband and their three children, managing household chores and being the family’s breadwinner. Working as a daily wage labourer, Sukmat’s earnings were hardly enough to meet the family’s daily needs. Whatever small sums she could save went to paying for her husband’s medical treatment. This left the family with almost no money to fall back on in times of trouble.

When COVID-19 struck the family was in a bind. Sukmat wasn’t able to work, and the rations they received from the government were not enough to feed the whole family.

Tearfund’s partner Emmanuel Hospital Association began a COVID relief response in their village, and provided them with much-needed rations to keep the whole family healthy and nourished. Although Santhosh and his wife were unable to express their gratitude in words, their faces said it all. With eyes welling up with tears and hands folded in gratitude, the couple thanked the team for restoring hope to their lives. The relief project has supported 270 families in 14 rural communities and two urban slums.


Anti-trafficking and the protection of child rights

The International Labour Organisation estimates that some 400 million Indians, including migrant workers and daily wage earners, are at risk of being pushed deeper into poverty because of the pandemic. More than 350,000 people have died from COVID and more than 9,000 children have been orphaned. There are fears that this will lead to child labour, trafficking and even sex work. EFICOR’s teams have been alerted to create awareness in communities about trafficking and to ensure the protection of child rights.

Vaccinations for the most vulnerable

EFICOR is working with the Indian government to get as many people as possible vaccinated, particularly ensuring that the most vulnerable people are able to get vaccinations. Watch this short video to find out more about this important work:

In partnership with UNICEF, EFICOR has been raising awareness of COVID-19 prevention measures among the Chenchu and Koya tribal communities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in South India. EFICOR teams have distributed soap to 300 tribal families, and also reached thousands of people with messages on simple ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19, like effective handwashing, how to wear masks and handle them correctly, what symptoms to look out for, and how to connect with local health centres for testing and counselling.

EFICOR is also working alongside Prem Jyoti Hospital, a wing of Emmanuel Hospital Association, in Chadragoda to improve health infrastructure for COVID treatment and promote vaccinations.

A possible third wave of COVID in India has been predicted. Several civil society organisations, including EFICOR, have been engaged to help prepare for this potential third wave and support local frontline health workers to tackle the current COVID situation.

Partnership in pandemic EFICOR 2021 June img 20210514 wa0009
EFICOR; COVID awareness training.
Partnership in pandemic EFICOR 2021 June awareness on covid
EFICOR; COVID awareness training.
Partnership in pandemic EFICOR 2021 June awareness covid appropriate behaviour
EFICOR; training in COVID appropriate behaviour.
Partnership in pandemic EFICOR 2021 June awareness mask distribution
EFICOR; mask distribution and COVID awareness training.

Please join us in praying for the work of EFICOR:

  • Please continue to pray about the current COVID situation in India.
  • Pray for the work of EFICOR and other organisations with the Indian government in ensuring all people have access to vaccination against COVID.
  • Pray that the predicted third wave of COVID will not eventuate, and uphold EFICOR and other organisations as they make preparations in case it does

Please pray and give what you can to our COVID-19 Appeal to support our partners in this vital work.

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Map Nepal


Nepal has been hit hard by the pandemic. Its case numbers surged in recent months, driven partly by the return of migrant workers from neighbouring India.

Please pray for Tearfund’s partners in Nepal:

United Mission to Nepal

Joel Hafvenstein, Executive Director of United Mission to Nepal (UMN), has shared in the organisation’s June newsletter about the very difficult situation there.

The past month has been harrowing for Nepal. After a relatively light first wave and a several-month lull, the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit fast and hard. Before this wave is past, the confirmed death toll from coronavirus will exceed that of the 2015 earthquakes – and COVID-19 has a much bigger hidden death toll: people who die without ever being tested for the virus.

He writes that while the second wave is beginning to recede, “many rural areas are still going through the worst of it”. But, he writes, “God is with us, and we continue to trust in his care and provision through the worst tragedies that the world has to throw at us.”

UMN is working through hospitals and small teams to save as many lives as possible. In the areas where it works, many rural health institutions were caught unprepared by the second wave of the virus. With hospitals crammed to capacity, UMN’s offices have coordinated with the District COVID-Crisis Management Centre in providing oxygen concentrators, cylinders and emergency medical supplies. Tearfund has supported work in Mugu, in the far north-west of Nepal, where UMN has provided health and safety materials, oxygen concentrators and antigen kits to the district hospital and two rural municipalities.

  • Please pray for the UMN teams who continue to do outstanding work despite many risks and uncertainties.
  • Pray (and advocate!) for countries around the world to provide vaccines to Nepal, to help provide hope of escaping future waves of the virus.
PNL Nepal COVID Response 21 July Image 06
PNL staff distributing supplies in Nepal.

Partnership for New Life (PNL)

Tearfund also partners with Partnership for New Life (PNL) in Nepal, supporting the empowerment of marginalised groups in Rupandehi district in Nepal, including people living with disability. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PNL has been distributing food rations and COVID protection items (including masks, soap and hand sanitiser) to the most vulnerable people in the communities it works in, liaising with leaders of Self-Help Groups to identify the people most in need.

  • Please pray for PNL’s staff as they undertake this work, and for the health and well-being of people in the communities that they are working with.
Map myanmar


Myanmar is experiencing a humanitarian and economic crisis as a result of February’s military coup. Ongoing conflict, particularly in ethnic minority areas, as well as severe socio-economic disruptions are exacerbating food insecurity and malnutrition. The United Nations World Food Program estimates that an additional 3.4 million people across Myanmar are at risk of food insecurity, particularly in urban centres.

Conflict-driven displacement is rising sharply. As of 15 June, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimated that over 195,000 people have been internally displaced in at least eight out of 14 states / regions across Myanmar – the number more than tripled within a month.

This, coupled with significantly increasing numbers of cases of the more virulent coronavirus strains, including the Delta variant, is creating fear and uncertainty.

Please pray for Myanmar

  • Pray for the well-being of staff members of Tearfund’s partners in Myanmar and their families.
  • Pray for protection and care for the most vulnerable members of the community, whom our partners are serving.
  • Pray for wisdom for our partners as they consider how best to respond to the needs of the communities they work with.
  • Pray for those who have been detained and their families, for the families of those killed, and for those living with trauma and anxiety.
  • Pray that the violence would not escalate further, and for all those working towards peace and healing in Myanmar.
Map Ethiopia Addis Ababa


In November 2020, the people of the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia found themselves caught up in a conflict between federal and regional government forces. Since then more than two million people have fled their homes due to the fighting, seeking safety in other parts of the region, or in neighbouring Sudan.

Recently the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew its defence forces from Tigray. The Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) took control of the capital, Mekelle and other cities following the withdrawal. This has led to increasing lawlessness and security concerns and a collapse in social services.

Please pray for our partners, the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission and Tearfund Ethiopia, as they lead two emergency responses (with Tearfund’s support) that are currently providing food and shelter to over 16,000 internally displaced people. While large parts of Tigray remain inaccessible, our partners are managing to support families that are sheltering in schools in the Tigray capital Mekele, as well as reaching others who have fled across Tigray’s eastern border into the neighbouring Afar region, where they have found shelter and support with local families.

  • Pray for the quick distribution of food to families
  • Pray that security would improve and that main roads would open up
  • Pray for the safety of our partner staff as they work on the ground
  • Pray for security of the food in distribution centres
  • Pray for Godly wisdom for our partners operating in this complex environment
  • Pray that discussions with the UN go well
  • Pray for the local churches in the area, that God would give them strength as they minister to the people in the region and demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ
  • Pray that God would give all the refugees supernatural strength and provision, that they would be able to survive until food can be supplied to them.

Learn more and give to the Northern Ethiopia Emergency Appeal

Refugees crossing a river to enter into Sudan; © ZOA
Photo: Refugees crossing a river to enter into Sudan; © ZOA
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Emma Halgren is the Content Lead at Tearfund Australia.