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Now is the time to reset. It begins with our faith: Reset for a better 'normal'.

Praying for hope in hard places

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Many of our faithful Christian partners around the world are working in challenging situations of conflict and instability, in countries like Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

Hear their current prayer points and join with us to pray for their work.


Please pray for the people of Sudan, who are currently facing instability and unrest. Pray for safety for our partner ZOA’s staff and their families. Pray also for the communities with whom ZOA works.

The security situation, especially in the capital, Khartoum, is tense, with ongoing curfews, restricted movement within the city, internet outages and difficulty getting fuel.

Continue to pray for the situation to calm and for a peaceful return to a democratic government.

Our work in Sudan

Our partner ZOA, is working faithfully with communities in Sudan, including Darfur, to address a number of challenges including food and water shortages, conflict, and the impacts of changing weather and climate conditions.

South Sudan

Please pray for the people of South Sudan who are preparing for major food shortages over the next couple of months. July and August is the lean season where very little is harvested and food prices soar, leaving hundreds of thousands of people facing hunger and malnutrition.

Pray for our partner ACROSS In South Sudan who says:

“It’s humbling to know there are people who take their calling seriously enough to pray and seek God’s face. Certainly, on our part, it is the shaky peace in South Sudan that demands a call to prayer.”

Our work in South Sudan

We support two partners in South Sudan - SEM and Across. They work in the areas of

  • Maternal and child health and nutrition
  • Supporting people to grow their own food and develop an income
  • Educating primary school children
  • Community health
  • Encouraging community-level peace-building.
ACROSS South Sudan - Tabitha
Tabitha from South Sudan, who dreams of becoming a doctor.
It’s humbling to know there are people who take their calling seriously enough to pray and seek God’s face.


Somalia is also currently facing food shortages due to lack of rain. Please pray that the drought will end, and that people will have enough to eat.

Please pray for peace in Somalia, as ongoing conflict and instability makes life even more challenging. Pray for those 2 million people who have been displaced from their homes and who are currently living in Somalia.

Our work in Somalia

TEAR is working with our partner organisation Medair to tackle malnutrition in Somalia, especially among young children. Medair provides life-saving nutritional and health care services, particularly among vulnerable refugee families.


One of our partners from Afghanistan shared this prayer with us:

We pray today for your light to shine to bring Hope for the future to the people of Afghanistan.
Into the chaos of conflict, division, violence and death – bring the light of your peace
Into the crushing poverty, hardship, despair and injustice – we pray for your love
For those struggling with disability, discrimination and disadvantage – we pray for your grace
Instead of tears, trouble, torment and trauma - we pray for your joy.
May the people in Afghanistan move forward into a new era of light bringing hope and peace for the future.

Our work in Afghanistan

TEAR Australia currently supports four partners in Afghanistan, focusing on:
· empowering vulnerable women;
· providing access to clean water and sanitation;
· resourcing parents and providing mental health support for families;
· and training women in life-saving skills for pregnancy, delivery and infant care.

Hope 2
Join the work of restoration and hope.

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining this work of restoration and hope by supporting Tearfund’s partners to overcome poverty and injustice.

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