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Sam Dharmapala and Matthew Maury

Tearfund launches new impact investment

In 2021, Tearfund was delighted to announce the launch of our first impact investment with Regenesys BPO.

Together with a range of Australian and international investors, the investment builds upon the amazingly dedicated and faithful work of the Regenesys team in helping provide restoration and healing through work and opportunity for survivors of sexual exploitation and slavery.

Phil Wilkerson Head of Strategic Projects, commenting on Tearfund Australia's impact investing work:

The Regenesys investment in 2021 was a significant milestone for Tearfund. We have been learning about impact investing since 2016 and a number of other organisations in the sector have helped us on the journey. Also in 2021, Tearfund made an investment into a company in Ethiopia who are developing their macadamia nut growing enterprise. In 2022, we hope to finalise our third impact investment into an ethical garment manufacturing company in Nepal. Each of these enterprises are run by Christians who are using their skills to address long term social and environmental problems.

This has been a long term vision for us at Tearfund to step into the impact investment space as we continually work to find new methodologies and new resourcing to address poverty and injustice. We are really excited about what this new partnership represents in terms of the redemptive and restorative impact in people’s lives and we look forward to working together to grow that impact into the future.

Matthew Maury Tearfund CEO Matthew Maury
Sam Dharmapala and Matthew Maury
Regenesys BPO founder and CEO Sam Dharmapala (right), and Tearfund CEO Matthew Maury.

Speaking at the launch, Regenesys BPO founder and CEO Sam Dharmapala, thanked Tearfund and the other investors for their support: ‘Just knowing that behind this organisation called Regenesys is something bigger, investing in the lives of our employees and wanting to see restoration and redemption happen in countless lives. Not just in the Philippines, but across the world. So what this loan means is that we can expand to Nepal. We can develop new services, so the funds will be put to good use’.

Along this journey we have come across a lot of organisations that have said they want to support us, but the thing that always held us back was finding individuals and organisations with the right character. That would really see us through all the ups and downs of running a business.

Sam Dharmapala Regenesys BPO founder and CEO

Impact investing with Tearfund

Tearfund Australia is looking to grow its impact investing program and has several new projects in various stages of development. To that end, Tearfund is looking for more potential investors. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please contact [email protected]

Learn More about the work of Regenesys BPO and Tearfund’s impact investment work: