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The freedom business...

It’s hard not to get emotional when you consider the impact that the Regenesys business has had on their workforce. A business being built from nothing inside of five years is one thing – providing dignity, confidence and skills to people who have experienced sexual slavery and abuse is something quite else entirely.

Regenesys Operations

Regenesys is not your typical Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business. From its base in the Philippines the business not only provides high-quality services to corporations around the globe – it also employs people as they recover from traumatic experiences.

Sam is the managing director and reflects on the way that the business began.

“I was sitting in church and heard a presentation from an organisation that rescues people from trafficking and I wondered ‘What happens to them after they are rescued - how does one ever recover from such abuse?’ Survivors are immensely motivated to change their lives for better, what if they could channel that motivation to a job that would provide a good income and a dignified career.”

More than 80% of the 215 staff employed by Sam’s business have experienced some form of abuse, trauma, or come from low-income backgrounds. Sam’s business doesn’t just employ people, he helps restore them to who God has created them to be – a person of intrinsic worth. Alongside the work are several support programs that enable their restoration including financial literacy, health education, workplace counsellors and a willpower program to help staff understand themselves and how they can remain on this path of recovery.

The impact is quite remarkable. Not only are these resilient people processing close to 8,000 images plus videos, floor plans and virtual reality tours for clients around the globe each day, their sense of self-worth and confidence has been dramatically rebuilt.

“In Luke, Jesus talks about the captive being set free – that’s the kind of workplace we’ve created. It’s the story of our employees. It’s a testimony to God’s love and how God redeems us when everything looks hopeless.” Says Sam.

Regenesys is exactly the kind of business that Tearfund believes has the potential to dramatically impact the lives of people living in poverty.

That’s why we’re working with entrepreneurs like Sam and with our partners to help create innovative new ways to overcome poverty.

The Tearfund Enterprise Program

Your donation to Tearfund’s forTomorrow Enterprise Program provides training, seed funding and opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing countries to build viable businesses that have a positive social impact. Businesses like Sam’s that are not only financially viable – they change lives. Learn more.


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The Tearfund forTomorrow Enterprise Program

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