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Tearfund For Tomorrow Enterprise Program 7b

The Tearfund forTomorrow Enterprise Program

Your opportunity to kick-start a new social enterprise.

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Provide training, seed funding and opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing countries to build viable businesses that have a positive impact.

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Download the brochure to learn more about the Tearfund Enterprise Program.


The Tearfund forTomorrow Enterprise Program

A newly developed fund that helps create entrepreneurial responses to global poverty.

Tearfund's forTomorrow Enterprise Program allocates your tax-deductible gifts to help build, grow and scale viable enterprises that help people take steps out of poverty.

Kick-start a new social enterprise

Download the brochure

Your donation towards Tearfund's forTomorrow Enterprise Program provides training, seed funding and opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing countries to build viable businesses that have a positive social impact.


How your donation is used:

Capacity Strengthening

Tearfund’s forTomorrow Enterprise Program works with local Christian partners who are exploring innovative market based approaches to address social and/or environmental challenges. We do this by discussing ideas, facilitating training, and offering seed grants to start piloting and testing enterprise models. Our longer term aim is to assist these partners progress to achieve their goal of establishing commercially viable enterprises.

We discuss strategy, the pitfalls, value propositions, business models, and financial modelling. We support the development of operational policies and assist with strengthening governance models, building a strong foundation for early stage social enterprises.

Catalytic seed and growth grants are available for social enterprises that meet the required criteria. The enterprises are also encouraged to seek support from different local sources and to learn from other local entrepreneurs who have more experience. In certain cases, an enterprise grant may be awarded to capitalise a loan to a social enterprise. Importantly, in all cases, we assist with how to measure and track social and environmental impact.

Grant and Investment Monitoring

The forTomorrow Enterprise Program builds relationships with partners, responding to their requests as they progress to commercial viability.The Grants awarded are designed to strengthen capability, explore feasibility and promote sustainable business growth. Together with partners, we monitor the impact of the grants.

The forTomorrow Enterprise Program has made two impact investments into established social enterprises operating in the Philippines and Nepal. Each of these enterprises are employing over 200 people, the majority of which are women who have faced trafficking and abusive life situations. Through the two social enterprises, the women now have dignified employment in a safe and respectful environment. We continue to meet regularly with senior leadership in these enterprises, monitoring the 5 year concessional loan repayments, business operations and impact reporting.

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Our Guiding Principles

Tearfund’s forTomorrow Enterprise Program aligns its activities to Tearfund's international development work.

We will be guided by the principles below:

  • We are impact first
  • We are inspired by our Christian faith
  • We see faith aligned enterprises as our long-term partners, similar to how Tearfund approaches its development work
  • We seek to provide practical support and value-add to each partner who requests our input
  • We seek to tailor our grants to meet partner requirements.

Our Impact Goals

We have identified the following impact objectives as focus areas for the program.

Poverty Alleviation

  • Support income generation via employment or entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Increase income resilience
  • Provide better quality jobs

Gender Equality

  • Invest with a gender lens
  • Provide better access to services/products/jobs/training
  • Promote women’s leadership

Social Inclusion

  • Prioritise support towards people and groups who have faced oppression and marginalisation

Climate Action

  • Do no harm to the environment at the minimum
  • Indirect and direct positive impact to environment

Get In Touch

If you'd like to talk with us about Tearfund's forTomorrow Enterprise Program, please contact:

Ben Allsop or Phil Wilkerson
1800 244 986
[email protected]