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Report: Five Factors Driving Neglected Crises

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In association with: Integral Alliance
Integral Report Neglected Crisis

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The ‘Five Factors Driving Neglected Crises’ by Integral Alliance draws on the collected expertise of humanitarian practitioners across the Integral Alliance membership and highlights factors causing disasters to become neglected. It explores the multifaceted reasons behind the neglect and advocates for renewed focus on transformative action.

Integral is calling for governments, donors, the media, NGOs and churches to take practical action to better meet the needs of people in neglected crises.

“By coming together, the Integral Alliance makes the call for the need to transform the landscape of humanitarian aid, ensuring that no crisis remains hidden and every response is imbued with hope and resilience. Together, we can shift from compassion to impactful action, embodying our shared commitment to uphold the dignity of all individuals.” – Fiona Boshoff, CEO of Integral

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Hope for Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.

Your support can pave a pathway of hope for Afghan families. Respond today:

Economic Empowerment – Supports vulnerable community members with skills training and resources (e.g. tools, cattle) to start generating an income.

Health and Mental Health Support – Supports families and children living with the psychological impacts of conflict; and provides basic healthcare including pre and post-natal care.

Hunger and Food Security – Supports the distribution of food parcels in areas of high need, and the development of longer term initiatives that will help people grow food and earn an income.