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SEM Farmer Group South Sudan e1
Global Hunger Crisis: Updates from Tearfund’s partners

In the midst of a global food crisis, strengthening livelihoods and addressing the challenges of food insecurity are priorities for Tearfund’s…

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Pakistan village scene
Pakistan: How communities are rebuilding after floods

Pakistan was ravaged by devastating floods in 2022. Now the rebuilding effort is under way.

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Pray Tearfund Day 2 323
Reflections on the Lord’s prayer

Michael Laverty writes: If we're going to be disciples of Jesus, we should learn how to pray. Learning to pray is to disciples as learning to fly is…

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Tearfund delegates
Young leaders growing hope for the climate

Meet inspiring young Christian leaders from Australia and the Pacific, and hear how they are living out their faith and influencing change.

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Leymah Gbowee
Four inspiring people who prayed for change

Emma Halgren reflects on four people whose lives of action for social change were undergirded by prayer.

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Why prayer is at the heart of Tearfund
Why prayer is at the heart of Tearfund

Why answering the ‘why’ of prayer enriches our faith and why prayer is still relevant and significant.

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Tear Australia Day1 KIMLANDY 90
5 prayers for difficult times

5 prayers to bring before God the realities of your struggle and the challenges confronting our world today.

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Gareth harper d AB Kxs PTA Ek unsplash
“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.” A Christmas Reflection

A Christmas reflection from Tearfund's Head of Advocacy Emma Wyndham Chalmers.

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Hunger crisis 2022 Dec 3
Tearfund’s partners at work as hunger crisis worsens

Our partners are working hard in some of the places hit hardest by the hunger crisis, delivering emergency assistance and support for longer-term…

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