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The sound of jubilee: 1971-2021. Tearfund 50th anniversary celebration.


Cop26 may be over yet justice isnt done n1
COP26 may be over yet justice isn’t done

The COP26 UN Climate Conference in Glasgow has come to an end after two weeks of negotiations. The question being asked is ‘did COP26 fail?’

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Cop26 over whats next n1
COP26 is over - so what’s next?

COP26 is over. So what comes next? How do we live as people of hope, speaking up for all creation? Three impactful actions you can do to care for…

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Christians taking action on climate Townsville TF group
‘Australia can do more...’ – Christians taking action on climate

Tearfund supporters around the country are taking action on behalf of all creation. Here are just some of the exciting and creative things that are…

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COVID 19 Update v2
Partnership in Pandemic: November 2021 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated inequalities, disproportionately impacting the world’s most vulnerable people and communities.

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Why one point 5 n1
Why 1.5°C? The crucial climate target explained

Why every fraction of a degree matters in the fight to limit global warming and keep 1.5°C alive

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Or Sovandea2
‘I am braver than before’: positive change in Cambodia

Tearfund’s Christian partner in Cambodia, Ponleu Ney Kdey Sangkum, is working in dozens of villages to support people to build stronger, healthier…

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Cover why the moment is now
Why the moment is now

A changing climate and more extreme weather are not the problems of future generations – it is our problem now.

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The holy spirits life giving power n1
The Holy Spirit’s life-giving power

Pastor Ray Minniecon reflects on the animating and dynamic power of the Holy Spirit to reset the world from dark to light, from despair to promise…

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We are tearfund 4 L1 A7602 v2
The sound of Jubilee – Reflections from the Tearfund Community

Countless people over the past 50 years have contributed to making Tearfund the organisation it is today. They reflect on where they’ve seen Jubilee…

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