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Understanding Poverty: Group Guide

Tearfund Resource Understanding Poverty Group Guide

Churches, Development Education

The Understanding Poverty: Group Guide explores some of the current thinking about sound development practice, both a biblical perspective and from the point of view of Tearfund’s partners and those with whom they work.

This four-part Small Group Guide is designed to enable your group to reflect on the subjects of poverty and inequality and how as Christians we can respond through best practice development approaches that work.

Written by former Tearfund fieldworker and staff member Lyn Jackson, Understanding Poverty takes a fresh and engaging approach to these critical questions of discipleship.

A powerful mix of biblical theology and the latest in best practice development learning, this Small Group resource is sure to provide your group with a rich platform for discussion, challenge and growth.

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Understanding Poverty

The Understanding Poverty: Group Guide is designed around four main sessions which should each take between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the length of discussion. There are some additional sessions on specific topics that you can select from, if you wish.

Each session includes some biblical material, some other input, and questions to stimulate discussion. Please use them flexibly, according to the needs of your group. There is also a suggested activity for group members to do in-between meetings. Some time is allowed at the beginning of Sessions 2-4 to discuss these activities.

If you are a group facilitator, please read through the material carefully, and try to match suggested actions to your group’s needs and interests.

The main sessions are:

Session 1: POVERTY

What is poverty? What causes it? How does it feel to be poor? What does God think about it?

Session 2: PRINCIPLES of Good Development

What should be the foundations of development work, especially for Christian organisations?

Session 3: PRACTICES of Good Development

What does good development work look like? What kinds of strategies work well?

Session 4: PARTNERSHIPS in Development

Why is partnership important? What are the marks of healthy partnership? How do we, as ordinary Australian Christians, fit into this network of partnerships?

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