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Why partnership is core to our work

At Tearfund, we don’t run our own projects.

Instead, we work in partnership with locally-based Christian agencies because they better understand the needs of their communities, are better able to connect with local people and organisations, and work in ways that are appropriate to the local culture. They are a christian presence within communities, deeply connected and encouraging positive and sustainable change.

Local knowledge, grassroots approach

Our partnership approach is critical in four key ways:

  1. Through our partnership model we work in places that other organisations can’t, as we operate with groups who are already on the ground.
  2. We don’t use a ‘one size fits all approach’, instead, our support of locally led grassroots development is responsive to the local context.
  3. Economically, this is more efficient than setting up our own projects.
  4. Finally from a theological perspective, we see our work as taking place as part of the global church, working together for God’s Kingdom.

Rather than coming in as outsiders to make changes in communities, we support local people as they empower local communities to lead their own development.

Phil Lindsay Tearfund's International Program & Effectiveness Co-ordinator

Empowering our partners to carry out the work

We approach our partnerships with a biblical understanding: one of shared faith and vision, valued relationship and mutual respect. Our role is to lovingly shift power and resources to our partners. We do this in three key ways;

  1. Not only do we financially support our partners, we also support them in their efforts to strengthen and grow their organisation and develop their skills.
  2. We walk with them as they increase the effectiveness and sustainability of their work.
  3. We look to support smaller and community-based organisations who may benefit from a more intensive organisational strengthening initiative.
Page Partnership Helen Fernandes Se Asian Partners
Tearfund's Helen Fernandes (second from right) participates in a capacity building workshop with our South East Asian partners.

How Tearfund is learning from our partners

Tearfund's partners are experienced, capable and knowledgeable about a range of technical areas, how to work with communities, and what faith means in places and times of struggle and injustice.

Tearfund is privileged to learn from the work of its partners, and to be able to pray with and for them. We are continually learning and we seek to hear from our partners about how well we are playing our role in the partnership and improving our own effectiveness.

Recognising that the development of both communities and organisations takes time, we will normally commit to a long-term relationship with our partners. Lasting change happens when our partners can continue their good work without the support of Tearfund.

Tearfund Partner countries 2022 May
* Figures correct as of May 2022.

Watch how our partner, Yasera, brings hope and health to mums and children in Papua:

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