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"We have good food to eat now..."

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Meet Ramlal, a farmer from Rajasthan, India.

Farming is not easy at the best of times and in Rajasthan, scarce water, harsh conditions and unpredictable weather make it extra difficult.

Not long ago, things became so tough that Ramlal was forced to migrate and work as a day labourer to feed his family.

Things changed when our Christian partner EFICOR began working with Ramlal's community to train local people in new + sustainable ways of farming.

Ramlal learned about kitchen gardening and sustainable agriculture, and began rearing cattle and growing fruit, vegetables and grains, which he sells at the market. He now earns enough to be able to feed and support his family.

Ramlal says that EFICOR’s support has transformed life for his family. “[Before], there was no food and no clothes to wear, but now we have good food, good clothes to wear. We are living here with peace of mind now.”

Now that his family has enough food on the table and a regular income, they can think beyond their day-to-day survival and plan for their children’s futures.

Ramlal 2
Ramlal and his family now have enough food to eat thanks to training from EFICOR

In Rajasthan, India, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on communities already ravaged by poverty. Daily labourers have had to return home from cities, and have struggled with little or no income. Food availability has dropped and rates of child malnutrition have spiked. More than half of the families in this part of the country live below the poverty line, facing hunger each day.

Our Christian partner EFICOR (the Evangelical Fellowship of India Commision on Relief) is working in this area with families like Ramlal’s to respond to the call of Christ and to bring hope, freedom and restoration.

Tearfund has partnered with EFICOR since 1975. We know from decades working together that this kind of practical support changes the lives of vulnerable people in poor communities.

Join the work of restoration and hope

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining this work of restoration and hope by supporting Tearfund’s partners to overcome poverty and injustice.

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