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Advocacy Guide: Introduction to Christian Non-Violent Direct Action

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Tear Resource Advocacy Guide

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What is Christian Non-Violent Direct Action?

‘Direct action’ for advocacy is a public act done as an attempt to influence public attitudes and policy and to challenge unjust social and political values. Direct action can take many different forms and might include actions such as marching in a demonstration, a public prayer vigil or risking arrest by breaking a civil law.

Christian ‘Non-Violent Direct Action’ (NVDA) is a unique form of direct action that rejects the use of physical and emotional violence to fight injustice. Christians who perform acts of non-violent resistance recognise that the seeds of violence must be addressed within the hearts of all people, including themselves. This stems from a belief that violence cannot be overcome with violence.

It is an approach to advocacy that is deeply rooted in the spirit of truth, love and forgiveness found in the teachings of Jesus Christ. It seeks not to humiliate or defeat the opponent but to win their friendship and understanding. Christian Non-Violent activists point to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 5 as a biblical basis for non-violence.

Download the advocacy guide below for more information.