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Plastic Pollution and Flooding: Report

In association with: Tearfund UK
Tearfund Resource Report Plastic Pollution and Flooding Summary 2023

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Estimating the global impact of plastic pollution on urban flooding events and their associated impact on human health.

The accumulation of mismanaged plastic waste is a serious issue globally. It has severe negative impacts on biodiversity and the environment, as well as on livelihoods and human health.

As climate change makes rainfall events more intense and frequent, plastic pollution blocking drainage systems in poor urban areas (slums) poses a serious danger to communities living in flood-risk areas. The report:

  • estimates the number of people globally who are at risk of experiencing more severe and frequent flooding because of plastic pollution
  • summarises current knowledge about plastic-aggravated flooding events and their negative consequences for human health
  • concludes that plastic pollution acts as a significant threat multiplier when it comes to flood risk.

Its findings are particularly important to the ongoing negotiations about a United Nations (UN) plastics treaty, which aims to tackle plastic pollution and protect human health from its adverse effects.

Download the executive summary

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This report was commissioned and released by Tearfund UK.