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Renew Our World - The Future of Food Report

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Tear Renew Our World Future Of Food Report

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Tearfund has produced its The Future of Food report to help you understand more about food, hunger, climate change and the part we can play in transforming our food system to be more sustainable.

We have a goal: to end hunger by 2030

As a global community, we have set ourselves the goal of ending hunger by 2030. Chronic hunger is not inevitable - we already produce more than enough food to feed everyone. But to end hunger and meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population, we will need to make some important changes to the ways we produce our food and manage our natural resources.

SDG Goal 2
As a global community, we have set ourselves the goal of ending hunger by 2030.

We need to do more than just produce more food. We need to make our agriculture - and the bigger food system - more productive, resilient and sustainable. We need to work in step with God’s perfectly-designed ecosystems and habitats, making better use of our land, water and natural sources of energy and taking care to do no harm. We need to adopt new farming techniques and make sure farmers - particularly those who are most vulnerable to chronic hunger - have what they need to make a decent living and be physically, socially and economically safe.