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Cave Light

A Covenant of Grace

Pastor Hollingsworth’s statement on covenant

In 1994, the Uniting Church, entered into Covenant with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC). Then Chairperson of the UAICC, Pastor Hollingsworth made this statement, which we encourage you to read and pray about.

He wrote:

Contrary to the belief of the invaders that they had a divine right to take possession of this land as their own, the God of righteousness, truth and justice has sustained us with the belief that one day we would be recognised as the true stewards of this land.

It is good and right that the church should repent of any of its actions in support of a policy that violently discriminated against and oppressed God’s stewards of this land.

Because it is pleasing to God to love one another, and it is our commitment to do so, we invite you on behalf of Congress members to develop a new relationship by entering into the struggle of those issues that presently are the cause of continuing injustice resulting in broken relationships.

We pray that God will guide you together with us in developing a covenant to walk together practically so that the words of your statement may become a tangible expression of His justice and love for all creation. We ask you to remember this covenant by remembering that our land is now also sustaining your people by God’s grace

Statement by Pastor Hollingsworth, from the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.