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A glimpse of heaven on earth

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In Gaza, Mozambique, there’s a little glimpse of heaven on earth: the hope and fruit of God’s Kingdom breaking out in the lives of 600 local farmers. These farmers are members of agricultural associations supported by Tearfund’s local partner, Gaza Works.

“We used to walk a long way to get vegetables, but now we have them here and we can eat, sell and give them away.”

Gaza Works association member
Fina Gaza Works
We are all connected: Tearfund's partner Gaza Works is working with farmers like Fina in Mozambique so they can enjoy a fruitful livelihood and a unified community.

Since the associations began, transformation has flourished. Members share with excitement how they’re able to take better care of their families; build or fix houses; send kids to school; help others; and even buy cows. They’re also eager to speak about the way that Gaza Works has helped them be united, as the associations bring together people from different backgrounds and parts of the community. They see the growth they enjoy – physical, spiritual and social – as a gift from God.

This life-giving transformation couldn’t happen without your support. Through Tearfund’s Useful Gifts catalogue alone, around $200,000 has been directed to projects that help people enjoy better food and livelihoods, like Gaza Works. At a time when our world is crying out for the good news of God’s Kingdom, your generosity brings life and hope – thank you!

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