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A mushrooming business opportunity!

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Do you know how mushrooms are grown? Khin Thida from Myanmar now does, after training with our partner Precious Stones. And she’s developed her knowledge into a thriving small business.

Khin Thida’s dream is to expand her business and share her knowledge with other women who want to learn how to grow mushrooms.

Through a scholarship from Tearfund's partner Precious Stones, Khin Thida studied an advanced business course, learning business planning and financial management. Coupled with a business loan from Precious Stones, she was able to grow her mushrooms – and her business!

Khin Thida currently has orders for over 1500 mushroom bags and is supplying mushroom bags across Yangon, and to regional centres.

Khin Thida’s dream is to improve her business and to work with other women who are also interested in the mushroom growing business. At the moment she works from her family home, but next year she plans to rent a much larger space so she can increase production.


How to grow mushrooms

(It’s a complex process!)

STEP 1 : First, you need to develop a substrate, an environment that helps mycelium (the growth structure for the mushrooms) grow.

STEP 2: Next the substrate bags are sterilised.

STEP 3: The bags are seeded with mushroom spores.

STEP 4: The spores develop into mushrooms!

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