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Suparjo and Ina

Banana chips for recovery – Sulawesi, Indonesia

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Suparjo, 60, and his wife Ina, 64, had been living in Palu city for many years before the earthquake on 28 September 2018. Their home was destroyed and they were forced to flee to an internally displaced people’s (IDP) camp, leaving everything behind.

Since then, they have been living in a temporary shelter provided by a local NGO in the camp in Pombewe village and surviving on food donated through aid agencies. Keen to rebuild their livelihood, they saved what they could and participated in a cash-for-work program supported by TEAR Australia.

Before the disaster, the couple made banana chips to sell in Palu city. With their skills and savings, they decided to restart their business. Every day, Suparjo buys bananas from the local market and together they turn them into banana chips. Now, they sell their product through small kiosks around the village and the cash they earn is enough to buy food for their meals.

Suparjo and Ina

In March 2019, the project, supported by TEAR Australia, distributed an unconditional multipurpose cash grant to survivors in the IDP camp. Suparjo and Ina were able to purchase additional materials to grow their business as well as chickens that now roam freely around their house.

They love the community atmosphere at the IDP camp and are grateful for the help they have received, but for Suparjo and Ina, and other survivors, they dream of finding a permanent home again.

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