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Celebrating World Water Day

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Clean water isn't always within reach. In many communities, ongoing poverty has forced people to use unsafe, contaminated or distant water sources.

Tearfund’s partner, Shanti Nepal, has been working in a remote village in Nepal, where many in the population are poor and marginalised, and water used to be scarce. Residents would have to queue for an hour to fetch water, and the toilets that were available were unclean and poorly maintained. The local people knew the importance of sanitation and hygiene, but without a good supply of clean water, they couldn’t put their knowledge into practice.

Shanti Nepal has been working in a remote village in Nepal, where water used to be scarce.

Shanti Nepal has helped to get clean water flowing, improving the health of people in the community through improved sanitation, and making life easier too – no more long walks to queue for water!

The project team worked with the local council to build a water supply scheme for 80 households. In the year ahead, the remaining households in the nearby village will get water to their homes too.

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There have been so many benefits for the community.

They’ve used waste water on their kitchen gardens, improving their food supply. Across the villages the project has been working in, the prevalence of diarrhoea among children under 5 years old has decreased from 20% in 2018 to 2% in 2020.

The people of the village are so happy now, and grateful to Shanti Nepal and Tearfund for their support.

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Emma Halgren is the Content Lead at Tearfund Australia