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Gauravshali Ward Committee and DEEP participants, Nepal

Going DEEP in Nepal

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Tearfund Development Education Experience Program (DEEP) trips to allow groups of supporters to learn firsthand about the work of Tearfund's partners. In January 2018, Pamela Ferrar joined a DEEP group for a life-changing trip to Nepal.

1. What made you decide to go on a DEEP trip?

I’m a long-term believer in the work of TEAR and I had always wanted to visit Nepal. I thought going on a DEEP trip would be a wonderful opportunity to ‘fulfill a dream usefully’! I was also keen to see the work of TEAR’s partners up close.

2. What impact did seeing the work of TEAR’s partner have on you?

The whole experience expanded my wonder of God and His ways, especially how TEAR partners with local groups who understand the culture and issues. Hearing many ‘before and after’ stories made me reflect on how development work brings about an awareness in people that wasn’t there before. It made me wonder: are there areas in my life where the light needs to shine? Are there questions I should be asking of others and God that will open me up to change?

Gauravshali Ward Committee and DEEP participants, Nepal
Pamela Ferrar (3rd from the right) and other DEEP participants with local women after the Gauravshali Ward Committee meeting near Tikapur (organised by TEAR’s partner WACT)

3. What sorts of changes are communities seeing through the work of TEAR’s partners?

I was struck by the way that women’s self-help groups are giving women confidence to speak up and no longer tolerate domestic violence. These groups are also pooling money for loans to help families increase their incomes. And I witnessed such a strong sense of community, even though, to our Western mindset, they have very little. When we visited some villages where Share and Care Nepal (SCN) had concluded their work, there was such pride in the prosperity they had created - vegie gardens, greenhouses, buffalo, goats and water tanks. It was just brilliant!

4. What is one of your most memorable moments?

Getting up and dancing with other grandmothers! We wiggled away to a drum beat and it became like a bonding experience. It was very special on many levels: emotional, physical, relational and spiritual. I’d say to anyone else thinking of going on a DEEP trip to trust that the Lord will bring together a wonderful group of people for you to travel with. I was totally blessed by the loving caring people in my group!

Jarsingpauwa Church, Nepal
The DEEP group attended church in Jarsingpauwa, Kathmandu

Pamela Ferrar was a participant on a TEAR 'DEEP' trip to Nepal in January 2018.