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How to help: 12 ways to respond to global hunger

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Food insecurity is not just about empty plates; it's much more than just hunger. Food insecurity includes not being able to afford nutritious food, uncertainty about where your next meal will come from, and whether it will meet your dietary needs.

In this blog, we explore 12 ways you can respond to global hunger and stand in solidarity with communities facing food insecurity.

1. Staple Meal Day

Dedicate this day to understanding the reliance on staples like maize or rice as a primary food source in many communities. Prepare a basic meal like plain rice or polenta and discuss/reflect how communities living in poverty rely on this meal daily. Consider the challenges mothers and their children face in Zambia.

2. Share a Bible verse + Pray

During a meal, introduce a Bible verse related to food and its significance, such as Matthew 25:35: "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink." Follow up with a prayer for those who are food insecure, asking for guidance on how best to support and provide for those in need.

3. Leftover Cooking Day

Challenge yourself to create a meal using only leftovers or foods that would otherwise be discarded. This practice reduces waste and encourages creativity in your kitchen. Share your unique dishes on social media to inspire others to see the potential in their leftovers.

4. Family Recipe Day

Share a cherished family recipe with others, perhaps through hosting friends for a meal or sharing on social media. This day is about celebrating the stories and traditions that accompany our meals. You can also share the history behind these recipes and what makes them special.

5. Documentary Watch

Watch or organise a viewing of a documentary that explores the complexities of food systems, such as ‘The Forest Maker’ or ‘Kiss the Ground’. Follow the viewing with a discussion or prayer session to reflect on the systemic issues presented and explore tangible ways to advocate for sustainable practices at home and globally.

6. Acts of Kindness

Prepare a meal for a neighbour or bake cookies for work colleagues. Acts of kindness like these not only spread joy but also strengthen community ties. Encourage participants to share their stories and experiences online to motivate a continual chain of kindness.

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7. Read: Tearfund’s Food Insecurity Report

Take time to delve into this in-depth report that Tearfund’s team has put together, "The True Cost of Hunger: Understanding Global Food Insecurity." Choose one of the five responses outlined in the report to follow up on.

8. Try Food Preservation Techniques

Learn and practise food preservation techniques such as dehydrating or canning. This helps to reduce food waste and ensures you have nutritious options available year-round.

9. Kids’ Cooking Day

Involve your children in preparing a simple, healthy meal. This teaches them important cooking and nutritional skills early on and can be a fun family activity. You might even turn it into a mini cooking contest to keep it engaging.

10. Meat-free Day

Commit to a meat-free day to explore the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. Try new recipes that use beans, lentils, or tofu, and share your favourite discoveries with friends or on social media.

11. Cook with locally sourced ingredients

Prepare a meal using only ingredients sourced from local farmers or markets. This supports your local economy and promotes sustainability. Share where you found your ingredients and the delicious results to encourage others to buy locally.

12. Donation Day

End your journey by making a donation to Tearfund’s EOFY Appeal, dedicated to supporting holistic initiatives that address food insecurity through good food, nutrition education, and better farming.

Every step counts

Each of these 12 actions offers a meaningful way to stand in solidarity and contribute to solving the global challenge of food insecurity.

At Tearfund, we are motivated by Jesus' words that "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10). Every small step you take is part of the outworking of Jesus' vision for a fullness of life.

Thank you for making a difference.

12 Days of Action

Join Our Challenge to Combat Food Insecurity

As part of our EOFY appeal, Nourished For Life, we invite you to take part in our "12 Days of Action" during the last 12 days of June. This challenge is an opportunity to fight global hunger and address food insecurity through shared, meaningful activities. Choose any actions that resonate most deeply with you and undertake them prayerfully, meaningfully, and purposefully.

As you complete each challenge, share your experiences on social media to inspire others and spread awareness. We’d love to hear from you too!

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Nourished for Life

End of Financial Year Appeal

Help fight child hunger and strengthen communities to overcome food insecurity.

can improve nutrition for a family by providing seeds and tools to grow good food

can tackle food insecurity by empowering 2 farmers' groups with sustainable agriculture training

can help fight child malnutrition in up to 8 villages by training community based nutrition volunteers