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Kids’ ministry in a challenging season

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How do we keep kids connected with the heart of God and help them focus on peace and hope in this challenging season? Two Children’s Ministers share some great ideas and resources to encourage you and the children in your life.

Author: Ben Howes

A Tearfund volunteer who is also involved with kids ministry in his church in Melbourne, Ben has put together these great ideas / mini lessons for kids to do at home while connecting with others.

Child smells flower in garden - Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Matthew 6 (God cares for His creation!)

God is making all things new and invites us to help him care for creation! Jesus teaches us that God cares for His creation, even the birds in the sky & flowers in the meadows.

Read Matthew 6 and explore your backyard or look out your window. Can you take a picture of a bird and a flower? How many different types can you find in your garden - be patient and look closely: birds and flowers can camouflage very well! God sees and knows each one. You might even like to be a scientist and research where they like to live! Place your pictures and drawings on a wall to create your very own Backyard Art Gallery.

Plastic Waste and Art

2 Co 5:17 (We are a new creation in Christ!)

Some days we feel too small & insignificant to make a difference. We might think “I’m too little for God to use me”. But God never sees us as insignificant - He loves us just the way we are and he can use us today!

Have a go finding children in the Bible: children like Samuel, David, Ishmael, Esther...they’re everywhere! God sees children as very special and he does amazing things in their lives! Recyclable materials like milk bottles and cardboard boxes in your home may look little and insignificant, but with creativity & imagination, they can be super special! Can you create a little person like you out of recycled materials? Think about what God would like to say to you today: write his message on your creation!

Plastic recycled art
Plastic Waste and Art

Prayer Time and Mapmaking

Inspired by Psalm 139 (God sees everything!)

Even though many of us are living at home, we’re a big community and we need to stick together. We can still pray & encourage! How well do you know your community? Look at a physical map or an online map and look at your community from above: find your home! Where do people live, play & work in your community? Can you find a big tree, a bakery, a school and a fire station? Have a go drawing a map of your community and pray for your community! If you’d like to make it look old and ancient, paint it using a tea bag dipped in hot water - parents can help! After you’ve let it dry out, you might like to ‘adopt’ a local cafe or business on your map: send them an encouraging email to let them know you care for them!

Psalms and Acting/Dance

Psalm 23 (God sees and understands us!)

King David was a songwriter & he loved to sing and dance. He shared all his feelings with God and knew God listened & cared for him. He wrote songs to God (we call them “psalms”) when he was happy, sad, excited and mad! Have a read of Psalm 23 and see if you can imagine you as one of God’s sheep, feeling very safe and loved. Can you write your own song to God today, telling him how you feel? God is big enough to understand ALL our feelings. You might like to act it too! Act your song without the words and see if your family can guess your feelings: remember to use big facial expressions!

Emma Morgan

Emma is a Minister at Eastern Hills Community Church in Melbourne. She put together this list of helpful activities for primary school-aged children:


Framing the changes we are making as something caring and helpful to beat the virus.

A great resource for answering kids questions well - listen to ABC Radio, Coronacast.

Activities online

Tea Candles - Photo by Marks of Mana on Unsplash

Shared worship activities

You could also share in worship activities at the same time from home as other kids or adults in the church. For example, taking communion, a community prayer candle, Easter garden, egg rolling, chalk messages, or making gifts. You can invite the kids to share photos of their work and projects with the community.

Community fun

  • Book/puzzle/games swaps - Not handling for a couple of days before each swap just to be safe.
  • Mailbox joy - Encourage the sending of cards and letters.
  • Activity nights - Watch the same movie, eat the same meal, play the same game, play a kahoots quiz and share photos or have live discussion about them online.
  • Letter Bombing services such as hospitals, nursing homes, police stations to thank and encourage them.

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