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Moorditj Keila Alain Theresa Raylene

Moorditj Keila Short Film Documentary

Do you remember the day you got your drivers licence? It’s an exciting time for many young people and can open up so many positive opportunities.

We want to give you an opportunity to hear from some young Aboriginal people who are seizing a chance at resetting their lives with both hands.

Moorditj Keila is an Aboriginal Community Organisation based in the City Of South Perth. They work to strengthen and support their community through a range of projects. Tearfund is partnering with them on a new initiative to help young people gain their driver’s licenses.

Tearfund Partner Moorditj Keila are doing amazing work with young people in their community. Their driver education program is providing an opportunity for young Aboriginal people in Perth to reset their lives.

Watch the short documentary to hear from Alain and Raylene about how the future looks so much brighter thanks to the staff and volunteers at Moorditj Keila.

In this short video we hear from Raylene and Alain as they describe what getting their driver's license means to them.

This program gives young Aboriginal people an opportunity to reset.

Supporting grassroots Christian organisations like Moorditj Keila is a fantastic way to stand with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters and build communities where everyone can flourish.

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