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More than enough: Misozi’s story

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Every so often we meet people with extraordinary resilience and capacity.

Misozi is one of these people.

Story by Ben Allsop from the Tearfund team.

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I met her on a recent trip to Zambia, as she was sitting down to eat with her family - 8 of them in total - that she supports on her own. Her husband passed away some time ago, and since then, putting enough food on the table has been a constant challenge - as it is for many families in Zambia.

When Tearfund’s partner, RCZ Diaconia (the Reformed Church in Zambia Diaconia Department), began working in her village, Misozi took notice. The first thing that struck her was a sense of joy in the project participants.

She says: “I saw families looking happy, families that seemed to be living more peacefully.”

It prompted her to join a savings group with other local women, where she found encouragement and opportunities to share with others as well as overcome her own challenges.

Through the savings group she accessed a loan to buy an ox, and other tools to assist her farming. Being able to work her land more quickly is helping her prepare for a bigger harvest, and the income she receives will go towards funding her children's education. And because the group also helped Misozi learn how to improve her family’s nutrition with a balanced diet, her children will learn better now that they’re eating better too!

Food insecurity and malnutrition have been a constant challenge not only for Misozi’s family, but also for many others in her village in eastern Zambia. Now, through the work of RCZ Diaconia there’s more than enough to go around for Misozi and her family.

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Story by Ben Allsop from the Tearfund team.