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Josh Glover

My Journey of Justice: Josh Glover

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Glover Josh November 2020 1

From serving up chai to sitting in the board room, faith and justice are tightly woven for long-time Tearfund volunteer Josh. We chatted with Josh about key moments in his journey of justice, what he's learned along the way, and his hopes for a more just and compassionate world.

Tell us a little about yourself, and your journey with Tearfund?

Name an area of Tearfund's work and I’ve somehow managed to find myself involved. They can't seem to get rid of me! Whether as an Useful Gifts Shop casual, an intern with International Programs, a festival volunteer or an Associate Board Member, I keep getting drawn back to the heart, community and vision of Tearfund. Outside of work, I'm a facilitator with preventative mental health charity, the Man Cave.

How has being involved with Tearfund helped you make biblically-shaped responses to poverty and justice?

More than any other organisation, Tearfund has invited me out of a faith that just lives on my lips or on the pages of a book and encouraged me into a faith that lives in my heart and through my actions. It has also introduced me to role models who have offered me the language to connect my faith to my heart for justice. My faith wouldn’t be as embodied and life wouldn’t be as integrated as it is if it weren’t for the influence of Tearfund.

I keep getting drawn back to the heart, community and vision of Tearfund … It has invited me out of a faith that just lives on my lips or on the pages of a book and encouraged me into a faith that lives in my heart and through my action.

Most recently you served as an Associate Board Member... what stood out to you through this experience?

Aside from how exhausting 8-hour zoom meetings can be?! As an ABM I witnessed what it looks like to hold strong opinions lightly. I witnessed Tearfund's board and leadership carry deep conviction about what needed to be done to stay aligned to Tearfund's mission and vision. However, I also saw their humility and agility in responding to unexpected and novel situations. It's a delicate dance and I learnt heaps about what it looks like in practice.

Josh at Voices for Justice
Josh with other Tearfund supporters at Voices for Justice in 2015
Josh Glover chai stand
Serving chai as a Tearfund volunteer at SURRENDER Conference in 2016.

What are you excited or hopeful about for young Christians in Australia?

I am excited about the growing strength and influence of the Indigenous church. Non-indigenous young Christians are moving into an exciting personal, political and spiritual opportunity to be co-creators in the move toward justice on these lands called Australia. It will be a journey of learning, humility and growth and it will be transformative.

Climate justice has become more of a focus for Tearfund as we see more and more the impact it is having on the most vulnerable. How have you taken steps to respond to this personally?

My ongoing journey is with my diet and travel plans, it is a constant one of self reflection and values-alignment. Why do I get so defensive when people point out inconsistencies between my plate and my values? Why do I fear the idea of going vegan so much? Why do I feel uneasy telling people about unnecessary travel plans, what is that uneasiness telling me? These are the questions I am currently working through.

Who are some of your go-to voices when it comes to exploring ideas of faith and justice?

Here's an eclectic mix for you: The writings of Brooke Prentis, Brene Brown and Jonathan Haigt; the music of Josh Garrels, the Oh Hellos and Kendrick Lamar; and the podcasts of Pádraig Ó Tuama, Krista Tippett and the Liturgists.

Do you have some favourite words that inspire you – and can inspire the Tearfund community – into action?

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” -Lilla Watson, Indigenous Activist and Artist