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NAIDOC Week 2020 – Praying with the First Peoples of Australia: Day 4

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NAIDOC Week 2020 – Praying with the First Peoples of Australia: Day 4

Kristy and the Moorditj Keila organisation based in South Perth, WA.


I’m Kristy. I live down south of Western Australia. I've experienced more down here than up north where my pops and grandmother's country is. That’s Yamatji country. I would like to know more from there. I want to explore what my people learned and see what my people see.

I like Moorditj Keila cause it makes me who I want to be. The art and craft are very special to me. I’ve been drawing since I was a child. I’ve learned more about being Aboriginal here than I did at school. I have bad self esteem but every time I do art it makes me feel good and know more who I really am.

When I sit on my own I am lonely but through Moorditj Keila I know that I am not alone. People are always here to listen to me and make sure I am ok. Because of Moorditj Keila I feel like I am all right!

This community is becoming stronger. I come from a broken down childhood full of liars but these people have been loyal to me.

I want to see this community keep looking out for each other and I want Australia to be fair – like Australia fair! Give me a fair go!


  • Thank God for the way Kristy has grown through her involvement with Moorditj Keila.
  • Pray that her community will get a fair go!

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About our partner – Moorditj Keila

  • Moorditj Keila is an Aboriginal Community Organisation based in the City Of South Perth. They are a Non for profit organisation helping to improve their community.
  • Tearfund supports a Driver education Program run by Moorditj Keila and supported them during the peak of COVID-19.