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The Climate Report - Tearfund's landmark research on climate, young Christians and the Church.

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Help Fight Famine

Write to your MP now

Let's do this


Help Fight Famine

Let's do this

49 Million people are facing famine due to conflict and climate crisis.

Australia can save lives if we act now.

Right now, 49 million people are on the brink of famine. Children are dying. Conflict, COVID, climate shocks and now the war in Ukraine, have created the perfect storm for an unprecedented global hunger crisis. To prevent the deaths of millions of people, the Australian Government must step up and do our part. $150 million is needed to avert catastrophe in the worst-affected hunger hotspots in the Horn of Africa, Yemen, Afghanistan and Syria. We can make a difference, save lives and help fight famine.

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Download the church toolkit

This toolkit provides all you need for you and your Church to be involved by:

  • Running an ‘Offering of Letters’ action in your Church, enabling your congregation to write to their MP.
  • Sharing the campaign on your social media.
  • Emailing your Church members about the campaign.
Download the church toolkit

Write to your MP:

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