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SEM Farmer Group South Sudan e1

Global Hunger Crisis: Updates from Tearfund’s partners

Strengthening livelihoods and addressing the challenges of food insecurity have always been priorities for Tearfund’s partners, and in the midst of a global food crisis, this work is as critical as ever.

Your ongoing support for these partners is helping them to meet immediate needs among hardest-hit communities, and build long-term resilience in the face of a crisis that stretches painfully into the future. As the stories below demonstrate, even in the midst of widespread suffering and challenges, lives can be changed and hope restored. Thank you – your generosity and prayers are making a difference and building up Tearfund’s partners as they serve as Jesus’ hands and feet in communities facing food insecurity.

Lokee and Nagit Karamoja Uganda
In Karamoja, Uganda, where poverty rates are among the highest in the world, Tearfund’s partner Vision TERUDO has provided food supplies and nutrition supplements to vulnerable families. They have also worked alongside 10 Farmer Groups to secure access to seeds and deliver training in climate-resilient farming methods. These initiatives are making a real difference for vulnerable farmers like Lokee (L) and Nagit (R), pictured here with some of their groundnut harvest.


The impacts of projects aimed at improving food security remain vital, as communities in Yemen continue to feel the grip of the global hunger crisis.

Over 16 million people are suffering from acute hunger, and 8.7 million lack access to clean water. Our partnership with Tearfund Germany in Yemen is helping to restore water points in communities, promote health awareness and provide training in agriculture and livelihoods so that people can provide for their families.

After years of struggle and frustration, the light of hope is coming back.

Somaya and her family are experiencing renewed hope after many years of difficulty, living through loss and instability in conflict-affected Yemen. Somaya and her three daughters live with her brother's large family. Over the past eight years, she and her brother depended on irregular income from seasonal work as agricultural labourers. There was often not enough food for the children. But through a food security project implemented by Tearfund Germany and a local NGO, Somaya received training and resources to raise chickens. “Today, I have two small chicken farms and sell eggs and chickens,” Somaya shares. “I am feeding my daughters, nephews and nieces. I cannot believe that I am having my own income. I started to think about the future after all the frustrations in my life.” She has been able to build up her business and repay debts to her neighbours, and through her leadership role in a village group, ensures that the voice of women and vulnerable people can be heard. “This is the first time in my life I feel that I am strong and I can do something to change my life. After years of struggle and frustration, the light of hope is coming back."

Misebo Micho Ethiopia n3d


Image: Misebo's land had all but stopped producing, and like many others in his community, was struggling with the loss of livelihood and access to food. But our local partner Tearfund Ireland is supporting Misebo and others like him to build resilience and food security, through new and improved farming practices. He has the skills to improve the quality of his soil and is now expecting a stronger, more diverse harvest.

In southern Ethiopia, food insecurity is at emergency levels and there are indications that famine conditions are likely to develop there as well.

Tearfund is supporting our partner Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission in this region to provide cash and immediate support for approximately 1300 households, many of whom have left their lands and homes to be closer to essential relief. In the Tigray region in the north, while we celebrate the recent peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, not enough of the desperately needed food and medical supplies are getting through and there are an estimated 13 million people in need of food assistance. Critical infrastructure such as hospitals and schools were badly damaged and looted in the fighting, and people’s coping mechanisms have been severely eroded during this protracted crisis. It is going to be a long and slow road back to any sort of recovery.

Please pray for the region as people mourn the loss of loved ones, and as the task of providing food, medicine and restoring basic services continues. Pray for the people in these places as they try and plant for the next harvest, and pray for good rains to let their crops grow. Give thanks for our partners who have provided food and shelter to thousands of internally displaced people, and who are now also helping communities in the south ravaged by drought.

SEM Farmer Group South Sudan e1
Jason (far right) and his Farmer Group. In the midst of significant challenges, our partner SEM is supporting groups like this with skills, knowledge and opportunities to meet their needs and build resilience.

South Sudan

Recently, International Program Officer Marshall Currie visited our two local partners in South Sudan. He shares here about the impact of their work in communities facing the very real impacts of hunger, and the challenges – and hope – ahead:

“Both of our partners in South Sudan are working with farmers to help them increase their yields and cope with the increasingly unpredictable climate. They are forming Farmer Groups, which is a practice that is encouraged by the government, and setting up ‘field schools’ where farmers can learn and try out new and improved farming methods and skills. They are beginning to experience the benefits that learning and working together can bring.

I met Jason, secretary of one of the 25 Farmer Groups established by our partner Sudan Evangelical Mission (SEM). His group was harvesting their ground nuts when I visited. Despite Jason’s wide smile, he said that the rains were too heavy this season, and he showed me the damage done to their young bean and maize crop. Jason was worried about the yield they would produce – both in their group plot and on their individual farms - and that there will be hunger again after harvesting. But he remained positive that the group would stick together and try again next planting season, and that their new skills and knowledge would serve them well in the longer term. They had grown their resilience - their ability to endure.

There was also a feeling among Jason’s group that ‘it’s better for us to stick together than go it alone’. As well as farming, they had recently formed a savings group with training from SEM and were looking forward to the benefits that saving together might bring them. Diversifying income improves a community’s resilience.”

Australia responds

In addition to generously supporting the work of Tearfund’s partners, many of you have helped to make an impact through your advocacy as part of Help Fight Famine. In February, the Australian Government announced $25 million of additional funding to fight famine and provide other essential support to the Horn of Africa, Pakistan and Yemen. This comes on top of the $15 million we welcomed in October taking the total to $40 million since Help Fight Famine was launched. The funds will go towards providing food, water and other essential support, delivered through Australian and local NGOs, the Red Cross and UN.

Many of you wrote to MPs and took action to help drive this campaign. Thank you for all your support! We continue to advocate for $150 million in urgent famine relief but this is another good step in the right direction.

Thank you for your ongoing support

The impact of your support means that our partners can continue to deliver both immediate assistance and long term initiatives to help communities withstand future hunger shocks.

Your donation to Tearfund’s Our Daily Bread Appeal will be used to help tackle this hunger crisis, directly supporting our partners as they work to restore health, livelihoods and hope in communities hardest hit by hunger and food insecurity.

Our Daily Bread

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Support our partners as they work to restore health, livelihoods and hope in communities hardest hit by hunger and food insecurity.

Can provide life-saving health and nutrition care for children at risk of malnutrition

Can provide seeds, tools and training in sustainable agriculture for farmers groups

Can help families better provide for themselves with strengthened livelihoods

Can provide immediate assistance and long-term support for communities at risk of disaster

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