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Banner Advocacy Messaging Guide 3

Write to your MP

Whether your local MP is newly elected or returning, a new Parliamentary term offers a fresh opportunity to speak up for justice. We want to see a coordinated and growing movement of Christians who cultivate an ongoing relationship with their MP. Now is the time to establish a connection, to invest in engaging your MP and raising policy issues that impact people experiencing extreme poverty.

Hand-written letters are one of the most effective ways to engage your Member of Parliament about any issue you care about and are a very accessible way of making a personal connection. Below you will find a resource guide that explains what you need to include. Your letter can include a prayer, a word of support or encouragement, as well as raising the issues of Aid and Climate justice.

Once you have written your letter, take a photo and send it through to [email protected] so we can share the story of action with other TEAR supporters.

Now more than ever is an important time for Christians to raise our voice. We have the tools to actually eliminate poverty and to make sure everybody has enough. By raising your voice, you can contribute to this work of building a more just and compassionate world.

– Matthew Maury National Director, TEAR Australia