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  • Lent

Join us for our 'Pray Like This' Lenten series to reflect, pray and connect as we follow Jesus into prayer and justice.

Pray Like This is a seven-week series of prayer, art and spiritual practices to help you follow Jesus’ teaching in the Lord’s Prayer, and explore the intersection of prayer and justice in your discipleship.

View the seven-week series below:

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Each week explores a line from the Lord’s Prayer and how in it, Jesus teaches us about prayer, discipleship and justice, with reflections from contributors including:

  • Trudi Sayers (24-7 Prayer Australia)
  • CB Samuel (Tearfund Fieldworker, India)
  • Sono Leone (Strong Women Talking, Australia)
  • Thandi Gamedze (The Warehouse, South Africa)
  • Santy Tarigan (Yasera, Indonesia)
  • Deb Storie (former Tearfund Fieldworker)
  • Elisama Wani Daniel (ACROSS, South Sudan)
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Weekly prayer prompts and prayer practices will help you unite in prayer for issues of poverty and justice facing our partners and for the church in Australia.


Through images and stories, go deeper in your understanding of issues and connect with an area of Tearfund’s work.

About the Artist

This Lent series features images from regions where Tearfund's partners are working, with hand lettering from Rani Gillan.

Rani Gillan
Rani Gillan is a graphic designer and lettering artist.

Rani is a graphic designer and lettering artist living and working on Quandamooka country on Brisbane's bayside. Rani has been a follower and supporter of Tearfund Australia's work since her primary school years when she first heard about their Useful Gifts at a church Christmas stall. As someone who identifies as a person living with a disability, she is particularly drawn to Tearfund's heart for social justice work and helping the world's most marginalised, including First Nations people.

Rani works across digital and analogue mediums and loves using her hands to create lettering art and calligraphy that brings beauty to the world. When she isn't designing, Rani likes learning how people live in communities across the globe through her love of world cinema, and about herself by creating food that connects her to her South Asian heritage.

Each year she looks forward to receiving her Lent study series from Tearfund in the mail, and contributing her artwork to the series this year has made the tradition extra special.

Praise for Tearfund's Lent Series:

“I'm excited by the crossovers of creativity, people's stories of faith and their response to injustice that all came together so beautifully in this series.”

“I use Tearfund's Lent series to share with others and get a broader world perspective at Easter time.”

“The cards as well as the emails and online resources helped provoke thoughtful exploration and many angles of prayer.”

“Great series! Thank you for a fabulous, thought provoking resource.”

“Tearfund's Lent series is now my annual Lent thing.”

“The reflections were useful for my family especially bringing us diverse views of faith and showing us the broader Christian community. We found them moving and thought-provoking.”

“Tearfund's Lent series has given me new things to think and pray about.”

“I share Tearfund's Lent series with my home-group; it's helped us discuss and think more.”

“Our lives often only 'permit' scant attention to the deeper, underlying issues and strengths in our lives - it's helpful to have aids like Tearfund's Lent series which focus us better!”

“Tearfund's Lent series has inspired me to listen more intentionally.”

“Every year our small group studies the lent series. It is very good. We look forward to it each year.”

“Just a note to say how amazing this Lent series is and what a gift to the world at this time. The art, words and invitation, just beautiful.”

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"With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply. Like this…"