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Sign the Rubbish Petition

In association with: Renew Our World and Tearfund UK

Together let’s end this plastic problem

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Sign the Rubbish Petition

Sign now

We’re facing mountains of plastic pollution. But Christians around the world are uniting to take action.

Over the next two years, nearly 200 governments are meeting to develop the first-ever international agreement on plastic pollution. But it’s not a done deal.

Join thousands of others around the world demanding an end to plastic pollution and its impacts on people living in poverty.

Together, let's respond to God's call to love our neighbours and care for the environment they live in too.

Take action today and help to end this rubbish problem.

The Rubbish Petition:

To the Minister for the Environment and Water, and all those negotiating on the plastics treaty,

Don’t throw away this opportunity!

The Australian Government must ensure this plastics treaty helps end the world’s rubbish problem. We’re standing with people around the world and calling for the treaty to address fully the impacts of plastic pollution on those living in poverty, by including:

  • Reduction: legally binding targets to reduce plastic production and scale up reuse solutions
  • Recycling: universal access to waste collection and recycling
  • Respect: support for waste pickers, including a just transition
  • Response: mechanisms to ensure businesses and governments take action.

Sign now:

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