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Bringing hope and health to mums and children in Papua

Our partner Yasera works with seven villages within the Jayawijaya district of Papua with the aim of strengthening families and training people with useful skills, like agricultural training and also nutrition education.

Yasera works alongside local churches to connect with families and walk alongside them to bring hope and transformation.

In this area, communities struggle with issues including high rates of HIV, child malnutrition, domestic violence and community violence. There are also low rates of education and widespread poverty.

The project featured in this video involves working with mothers and their children to improve nutrition, health and hygiene.

Yasera Project Director Heidy says: "Living in Papua is very difficult, especially for mothers. We teach them about nutrition, pregnancy and hygiene so that every mother and child in the community can live healthier, they are not malnourished and they can protect themselves from many preventable diseases that can cause death."

One mother says this care from Yasera has transformed her life. "My daughter was so skinny, I thought she was going to die. Before the project, I didn't know now to cook well for my daughter. Since Yasera staff have been training us, my daughter has put on weight, and I have learned about nutrition and how to properly care for her."

Another mother said: "Because of the lessons from Yasera, the sicknesses that happened to my older son have not happened to my younger son.

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